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Those of you who read GMHTP religiously know that we've recently published buyers' guides for stroker short-blocks ("Sleeved & Stroked," July/August 2005) as well as cylinder heads ("Gen III/Gen IV Cylinder Head Buyers' Guide," January 2006). While on these last two endeavors we chose to focus solely on components available for the latest two generations of GM's V-8, this time we decided to go all out and cover not only complete engines, but nearly all years of pushrod V-8s as well.

Now don't think we've gone soft here; it's true that most small-block and big-block Chevys never saw anything but a Rochester sitting atop them. But any engine can benefit from modern electronic fuel injection; heck, a very premise of this magazine is that carburetors are a thing of the past. That's why we're only featuring engines here that are EFI-equipped or EFI-ready. For the purposes of this article, "crate engine" means anything between fully assembled long-blocks (nearly everything included except the intake manifold) and complete turn-key engines, some even with wiring harnesses and PCMs to facilitate installation into older musclecars. We've broken down the list into categories as follows: Gen III and Gen IV Small-Block (LS1/LS6/LS2/LS7/etc.); Gen II Small-Block (LT1/LT4/etc.); Gen I Small-Block (L98/TPI/etc.); and Big-Block. Don't consider this a complete listing, as each of these manufacturers has offerings other than those listed here. We've given you a taste of these in the company description as well as the "other packages" line of each company's data file.

So without further ado, make sure your wife is out of the room and get your home equity checkbook out, boys.

GEN III/IV Small-Block (LS1/LS6/LS2/LS7)

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Auto Worx 650 hp 427 LS2 Big-Bore Long-Block

Toronto-based Auto Worx Performance Specialties builds each crate engine to customer specifications, whether the needs be for street, strip, or road course; and for naturally aspirated, nitrous, or blower applications. The company achieves 427 ci on this engine through a re-sleeved LS2 block, bringing bore and stroke identical to that of GM's LS7. Auto Worx builds Gen III- and Gen IV-based crate engines ranging from 346 ci all the way to 447 ci. Other GM crate engines available through Auto Worx Performance Specialties include LT1, TPI, and small- and big-block Chevys.

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DragonFire Racing 402ci LS2 Crate Motor

DragonFire Racing specializes in turn-key engine packages. This package includes a remote mount wire harness with all necessary connectors and relays, such as fan relays. Other features include a CAN connector to display engine data such as oil pressure, coolant temperature, and oil temperature, which can then be displayed on electronic dashes such as Race Pak and AIM Sport. This kit comes complete with installation and wiring instructions, and is advertised as yielding 595 hp and 540 lb-ft.


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