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25 Hot EFI Crate Motors --Technical Article -- GM High Tech Performance

Mar 27, 2006
0604htp_01_crate_motor_z 2/26

Those of you who read GMHTP religiously know that we've recently published buyers' guides for stroker short-blocks ("Sleeved & Stroked," July/August 2005) as well as cylinder heads ("Gen III/Gen IV Cylinder Head Buyers' Guide," January 2006). While on these last two endeavors we chose to focus solely on components available for the latest two generations of GM's V-8, this time we decided to go all out and cover not only complete engines, but nearly all years of pushrod V-8s as well.

Now don't think we've gone soft here; it's true that most small-block and big-block Chevys never saw anything but a Rochester sitting atop them. But any engine can benefit from modern electronic fuel injection; heck, a very premise of this magazine is that carburetors are a thing of the past. That's why we're only featuring engines here that are EFI-equipped or EFI-ready. For the purposes of this article, "crate engine" means anything between fully assembled long-blocks (nearly everything included except the intake manifold) and complete turn-key engines, some even with wiring harnesses and PCMs to facilitate installation into older musclecars. We've broken down the list into categories as follows: Gen III and Gen IV Small-Block (LS1/LS6/LS2/LS7/etc.); Gen II Small-Block (LT1/LT4/etc.); Gen I Small-Block (L98/TPI/etc.); and Big-Block. Don't consider this a complete listing, as each of these manufacturers has offerings other than those listed here. We've given you a taste of these in the company description as well as the "other packages" line of each company's data file.

So without further ado, make sure your wife is out of the room and get your home equity checkbook out, boys.

GEN III/IV Small-Block (LS1/LS6/LS2/LS7)

0604htp_02_auto_worx_crate_motor_z 3/26

Auto Worx 650 hp 427 LS2 Big-Bore Long-Block

Toronto-based Auto Worx Performance Specialties builds each crate engine to customer specifications, whether the needs be for street, strip, or road course; and for naturally aspirated, nitrous, or blower applications. The company achieves 427 ci on this engine through a re-sleeved LS2 block, bringing bore and stroke identical to that of GM's LS7. Auto Worx builds Gen III- and Gen IV-based crate engines ranging from 346 ci all the way to 447 ci. Other GM crate engines available through Auto Worx Performance Specialties include LT1, TPI, and small- and big-block Chevys.

0604htp_03_dragonfire_racing_crate_motor_z 4/26

DragonFire Racing 402ci LS2 Crate Motor

DragonFire Racing specializes in turn-key engine packages. This package includes a remote mount wire harness with all necessary connectors and relays, such as fan relays. Other features include a CAN connector to display engine data such as oil pressure, coolant temperature, and oil temperature, which can then be displayed on electronic dashes such as Race Pak and AIM Sport. This kit comes complete with installation and wiring instructions, and is advertised as yielding 595 hp and 540 lb-ft.

0604htp_04_futral_motorsports_crate_motor_z 5/26

FMS 402(6.6L) LS2 Sportsman Long-Block

With Futral Motorsports, the name of the game is LS1, LS6, LS2, and SBC performance street and race motors from 346 ci all the way to 455 ci. "We have several 800-plus-horsepower LSX/C5R-based engines and have set many records with our engines," the company says. Futral's engines go through a series of meticulous checks for align bore straightness, deck squaring, and clearancing. According to FMS, this 402ci setup has the potential for 560 hp and 510 lb-ft--or more--at the rear wheels with proper components and tuning.

0604htp_05_gm_performance_parts_crate_motor_z 6/26

GM Performance Parts LS7 Crate Engine

That's right, GMPP is now offering for your enjoyment the engine out of the already-legendary 2006 Corvette Z06. Personally, I'm imagining this sucker under the hood of a WS-6 Trans Am, but you might have a '69 Camaro or '32 Ford in mind. It's sure to find its home inside many a street machine--so long as the owner has more than a little cash to blow!

0604htp_06_horsepower_engineering_crate_motor_z 7/26

HPE 408 Long-Block

Houston-based Horsepower Engineering claims to be "your source for max-effort race engines, with the longevity to last entire seasons dependably." The company has an in-house machine shop operated exclusively by graduates of the School of Automotive Machinists.


0604htp_07_katech_performance_crate_motor_z 8/26

Katech LS7 Upgrade 650hp Crate Engine

Katech builds engines for nearly every professional race series using Gen III or IV GM engines, as well as street performance engines for daily drivers. The company is known for some killer Gen III/IV crate motors, and accordingly has already jumped on GM's new LS7 and given it some excellent upgrades. Katech says this crate engine makes 600 to 650 or more horsepower depending on options, headers, and induction. Katech also strengthens the GM LS7 engine for higher output durability.

0604htp_08_late_model_engines_crate_motor_z 9/26

LME 408-inch Pro Long-Block

Specializing in engines for late model vehicles (as the name would indicate), Late Model Engines can build everything from a "daily driven street dominator to an all-out competition record setter." The company also says it "offers what it takes to make all of your speed fantasies a reality," though I would imagine they don't market precisely what some of us need to carry out those fantasies (I'm talking 36-24-36 here, if you catch my drift).

0604htp_09_lingenfelter_performance_crate_motor_z 10/26

Lingenfelter 403 CID LS2 Crate Engine

One of the best-recognized names in GM late-model performance, Lingenfelter is well known for its Corvette power packages. This particular 403ci crate engine is rated at 510 hp and 500 lb-ft; keep in mind that the power numbers are with factory Corvette exhaust manifolds and catalysts installed. The additions of headers or high-flow cats would increase power levels.

0604htp_10_livernois_motorsports_crate_motor_z 11/26

Livernois LS2 404 cid Long-Block

Livernois Motorsports has a 36,000-square-foot facility containing a cylinder head development center and full machine shop, as well as a complete parts store, among other things. The staff also does PCM tuning. Among the company's offerings is this stroked-and-poked LS2. This long-block installed in a 2006 C6 Corvette made 500 horsepower at the rear wheels (560 on a Superflow engine dyno), while being very streetable and retaining stock-type idle and drivability.

0604htp_11_rapid_motorsports_z 12/26

Rapid Motorsports 402ci LS2 Dominator Series Long-Block

Rapid Motorsports has been building LS-series engines since their release in 1997, and designs and builds everyday streetcars to all-out-wild racecars. Designed for serious street/strip use, this crate engine has produced 553 rear-wheel horsepower on pump gas. Rapid Motorsports uses only high quality components, holds strict machine tolerances, and starts this engine off with a brand-new GM block.

0604htp_12_scoggin_dickey_crate_motor_z 13/26

SDPC "The Jefe" 402ci Crate Engine

For those of you who have yet to be arrested after a fun-filled night in Tijuana, "Jefe" means "boss" in Spanish, and that's a good name for this big-cube engine. It even includes MSD coil packs, Aeromotive fuel rails, and Katech valve covers. Scoggin-Dickey offers crate engines of its own (like this sucker) and is also a full GM Performance Parts dealer. So whatever type of GM engine you're looking for, be it straight out of the GM crate or built to the hilt by SDPC, these guys and gals have it covered. Says SDPC's Kris Jones, "we have a complete race shop with engine dyno ready to build your street thumper or your full race monster!"

0604htp_13_slp_performance_crate_motor_z 14/26

SLP ZL402 Long-Block

SLP Performance Parts is no newcomer to the GM scene. The company starts with a brand new aluminum or iron GM block and from there builds a serious 402ci long-block. This sucker even includes "ZL402" emblems for the exterior of your ride! SLP also offers a 9.0:1 version for forced induction applications, as well as an "easy tune" version with a 51014 camshaft.

0604htp_14_speed_inc_crate_motor_z 15/26

Speed Inc. Sportsman 370 Boost Long-Block

Speed Inc., known to some as "LS1Speed," claims fame as the midwest's largest GM EFI Performance Shop. The company offers this Sportsman 370-inch Boost engine that has been tested and proven in the company's 8-second, 995 rwhp 2002 Z28. "It is a simple yet strong foundation for any turbo or supercharged combination," the company says. The long-block includes a double roller chain and high volume oil pump, among other goodies.

0604htp_15_street_and_performance_crate_motor_z 16/26

Street & Performance LS7 Crate Engine

Street & Performance is a big name in EFI engine swaps into old-school musclecars, and offers crate engines for newer cars as well. The company's latest offering starts with the solid foundation of a GM LS7, adding accessories and dress-up goodies to suit a customer's wants and needs. The photo shows optional Vette/Camaro brackets.


0604htp_16_texas_speed_crate_motor_z 17/26

Texas Speed 403ci Long-Block

As the name would suggest, these guys are from Texas--and accordingly, they don't mess around. Texas Speed builds LS2s up to 441 ci and LS1s up to 457 ci. Its most popular iron-block stroker is a 410 cid with a 4.045-inch bore and 4.00-inch stroke using a GM 6.0L iron-block, a combo that has produced as much as 640 flywheel horses. The company can also custom build one of these engines specifically for nitrous or boosted applications. "We can build the engine as bare or as complete as you need," says Texas Speed.



0604htp_17_tuned_port_induction_specialties_crate_motor_z 18/26

TPIS 402ci LS2 Long-Block

TPIS has strived to be a driving force in the high-performance arena for 1985 to present GM performance cars and trucks. TPIS designs and manufactures its own headers, camshafts, intake manifolds, cylinder heads, and suspension components, and offers championship-winning EFI calibrations. "After 40 years in business we have mastered the art of a total engineered engine package. But what we also offer is unmatched drivability and real-world manners. We engineer our parts for real world use which means they work. We also build some of the best racing engines available," says proprietor Myron Cottrell. This LS2 long-block is designed to make 575 hp or more on pump gas, depending on intake used.

0604htp_18_turn_key_engine_supply_crate_motor_z 19/26

Turn Key Engine Supply 510hp LS2 Street Package

Turn Key Engine Supply specializes in complete crate engines to drop into vehicles that never had an LS2, like hot rods, custom off-road machines, and Jeeps. This means they'll also work in non-LS2 performance cars like Third-Generation F-bodies. This particular package is an entry-level street LS2 with a complete ignition system, accessories, fuel system, flywheel or flexplate, exhaust manifolds, you name it--right down to the oil filter. All the customer has to do is hook up five wires, route fuel and coolant lines, and fire it up.

0604htp_19_vinci_hi_performance_crate_motor_z 20/26

Vinci Punisher 402 Long-Block

Florida-based Vinci High Performance is the home of VHP power products and has been around since the 1970s. All of VHP's power packages and power products are developed on a chassis dynamometer. The company has been actively involved in the research and development of many products offered by big-name manufacturers in the high-performance aftermarket arena, and offers products for GM engines new and old.

0604htp_20_wheel_to_wheel_powertrain_crate_motor_z 21/26

Wheel to Wheel LS2 402ci Long-Block

Wheel to Wheel advertises its 402ci long-block as "the perfect answer for anyone looking for a high quality step up from their factory LS-based engine." This engine makes 575 hp standard corrected or 550 hp SAE. The company says it chooses what it feels are "the best parts to make good power and torque, while maintaining excellent drivability, idle quality, and most importantly, durability." The company also claims fame for Grand American Daytona Prototype 24-hour and sprint race engines, SCCA World Challenge and Motorola Cup Race Engines, the first 8-second naturally aspirated drag race engine, and the first 6-second power adder drag race engine--all based off GM's Gen III/IV engine platform.

Gen II Small-Block (LT1/LT4)

0604htp_21_beck_racing_engines_crate_motor_z 22/26

BRE 383ci Street Kill LT4 Crate Engine

Beck Racing Engines has just relocated into a state-of-the-art facility where the company builds GM EFI motors of all shapes and sizes. This particular motor is loaded with features and even includes a Crane rev kit, ATI Super Damper, Aeromotive adjustable regulator, Melling oil pump, and many more goodies. Dyno numbers are an impressive 538 hp and 542 lb-ft. A "blown" version is available for forced induction applications.

0604htp_22_golden_engine_service_crate_motor_z 23/26

Golen 383ci/440hp LT1 Long-Block

Golen Engine Service specializes in LT1 crate motors and long-blocks and this 383 is one of their most popular. It'll run on 91 octane pump gas will pass emissions tests in all 50 states when all emissions controls are used and with a proper computer tune. Golen recommends the following to achieve the 440hp rating: 30 lb/hr FMS injectors; 52mm throttle body; long tube headers; adjustable fuel pressure regulator; and custom computer tuning from PCMforless.

Gen I Small Block (L98/TPI/ETC.)

0604htp_23_coast_high_performance_crate_motor_z 24/26

CHP 383 S/S 440 HP Long-Block

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, California-based Coast High Performance offers a wide variety of old-school small- and big-block Chevrolet engines. Small-blocks can be had up to 434 ci in size and big-blocks go all the way up to 496 ci. This 383ci engine, while pictured with a carburetor and intake manifold, does not include either and so it is ready for an EFI system to be slapped atop it, whether it be a TPI system or an aftermarket unit. Headers and distributor also not included.

0604htp_24_edelbrock_crate_motor_z 25/26

Edelbrock Performer RPM E-Tec EFI 9.5:1 Crate Engine

Edelbrock offers many a carb-equipped crate engine, and also a few with its own Pro-Flo EFI system. This is one of those elite few. With 440 hp and 425 lb-ft, it's sure to wake up your old-school ride. Edelbrock starts with a brand new GM 224 short-block and builds from there, adding its own heads, cam, and valvetrain. It's available both unpolished and polished (for a little over $300 extra).

0604htp_25_shafiroff_racing_crate_motor_z 26/26

Shafiroff Ultrastreet 434 Long-Block

This big 434ci small-block is internally balanced and includes features like coated pistons, polished aluminum valve covers, and Moroso oil pan; the EFI intake is not included in the price however. Shafiroff Racing Engines & Components offers a complete line of both small-block Chevy (434/454/472) and big-block Chevy (540/598/632) engines. New to the company lineup are 383ci LS1 short-blocks. All of these engines are pump-gas friendly with power ratings from 495 to 1,000 hp without turbos, blowers, or nitrous.



Big-Block (All Years)

0604htp_26_pat_musi_performance_crate_motor_z 27/26

Musi Edelbrock 555ci Pump-Gas Crate Engine

Don't let the carb perched atop this engine fool you; Pat Musi Performance just didn't have a photo of its ACCEL EFI-equipped setup available, which comes complete with Gen VII DFI. This crate engine is advertised as making 700 hp. Since 1970, Pat Musi's company has been building race engines. You've likely seen his car winning NMCA/NSCA Pro Street championships, and his current green Fourth-Gen Trans Am racer is a 6-second EFI screamer.


Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center
Lubbock, TX 79424
SLP Performance Parts
Toms River, NJ 08755
Turn Key Powertrain
Oceanside, CA 92056
Texas Speed & Performance
Wolfforth, TX 79382
Livernois Motorsports
Dearborn Heights, MI 48125
Coast High Performance
Torrance, CA 90505
Wheel to Wheel Powertrain
Madison Heights, AK 48071
Horsepower Engineering
Houston, TX 77086
Speed Inc.
Schaumburg, IL 60193
Golen Engine Service
Hudson, NH 03051
Shafiroff Racing Engines & Components
Bohemia, NY 11716
Beck Racing Engines
Phoenix, AZ 85009
DragonFire Racing
Mesa, AZ 85202
Lingenfelter Performance Engineering
Decatur, IN
Pat Musi Performance
Carteret, NJ
Street & Performance
Mena, AR 71953
Futral Motorsports
Vinci Hi-Performance
Orlando, FL 32808
(407) 292-4500
Katech Inc.
Clinton Township, MI 48035
Tuned Port Induction Specialties
Chaska, MN 55318
Auto Worx Performance Specialties
Late Model Engines (LME)
Houston, TX 77041
Rapid Motorsports
Birdsboro, PA 19508

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