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Goodmark Chevelle Project Car - Part 13

The Home Stretch: When You've Made It This Far, Its All Down Hill

Jason Walker Sep 18, 2002

At this stage of the car-building game everything starts falling together, turning what was once a pile of parts into a real car again. Not only is this a sign you're near completion, it's also a much needed boost towards the finish line. If you have a project going of your own, you also may have run into the dreaded obstacle known as loss of motivation. Ouch! Thankfully, this project has had few, if any, speed bumps to slow production down. Even so, the occasional morale boost is always welcome (even if it comes this late in the game).

This segment covers bits and pieces of the glass, interior, and shifter installations, as well as a few other little surprises. In fact, in this and the next segment, we will be concentrating on wrapping-up the Chevelle's transformation into a virtually brand-new car. As all of this comes to fruition, we want to include every contributor, as there are more than a few, because without them, this and many other projects cars would never come to be (and they definitely would not be giveaway cars). The interior alone took more than a dozen companies to compile and complete all the necessary parts and installation. Unfortunately, in the interest of time and space, we can only quickly touch on these parts and how they fell together to construct the beautiful hunk of steel we call the Project Goodmark Chevelle. These companies are invaluable to anyone building a project car on any scale, even if you are building a low-buck driver. Take a look and keep these aftermarket firms in mind as you move forward building your own project car.


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To keep the weather out, the windshield and rear glass were treated to a factory type of urethane strip (5/16-inch thick), which was attached directly to the glass, as well as a softer urethane caulking, which was applied to the window channel. These two materials formed a tight seal with the correct thickness needed to ensure the proper fit of the glass and stainless trim.

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This job required an extra set of hands for the perfect glass placement. With some quick massaging, the glass was persuaded into the exact location needed. All of the glass, with the exception of the quarter-windows, was supplied by PPG.

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Excess urethane was cleaned up and spread smooth to keep it from oozing out under the trim or into the interior.

0211sc_13goodmark05_zoom 6/29

After the trim clips were installed, the glass was placed and the trim simply snapped in. Auto Molding USA was responsible for the restoration (straightening and polishing) of all the stainless steel trim.

0211sc_13goodmark06_zoom 7/29

To locate the quarter-windows, a call was made to Iowa Glass Depot, and like magic, a brand-new pair showed up ready for installation. Just as the door glass was done, the first step was to disassemble all parts from the original glass.

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After all parts were cleaned up or replaced, the reassembly was a snap. The crew at Tim's Auto Upholstery, in Duluth, GA, did a great job installing the PUI interior kit. The seats were stripped down to the frames and completely reupholstered.

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With the installation of the brushed-aluminum ididit steering column, a question of where to put the ignition switch became the next task.

0211sc_13goodmark09_zoom 10/29

The decision to use an ignition switch from a '66 Chevelle was perfect, considering the way the switch mounted.

0211sc_13goodmark10_zoom 11/29

To keep the new switch from spinning out of position, the hole was hand-carved with a flat spot, to coincide with the body of the switch.

0211sc_13goodmark11_zoom 12/29

The reproduction shifter from Original Parts Group needed to be installed before the padding and carpet. Even though this car was never equipped with a floor shifter, the installation was simple and quick, needing only a few holes to be drilled in the floor.

0211sc_13goodmark12_zoom 13/29

After the shifter was bolted down, the new console, also supplied by O.P.G., was installed just to make sure the shifter was in the correct location and would work just like stock with the new console.

0211sc_13goodmark13_zoom 14/29

With the shifter and console fitting perfectly, the next step was to cut and fit the Dynamat insulation. Not only will this type of insulation block a good deal of heat, it's perfect for sound-deadening every part of the interior. In fact, Dynomat was used under the headliner, in the doors, and in the trunk, as well.

0211sc_13goodmark14_zoom 15/29

SoffSeal will help keep the weather out with a weather strip kit which contained seals for the doors, trunk, and cowl. These seals are exact replicas of the factory units and should hold back rain and road noise for many years to come.

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The crew at Tim's Auto Upholstery, in Duluth, GA, did a great job installing the PUI interior kit. The seats were stripped down to the frames and completely reupholstered.

0211sc_13goodmark16_zoom 17/29

Before the seats were installed for the last time, the headliner (also from PUI) was painstakingly stretched into shape, trimmed, and tucked in at all corners.

0211sc_13goodmark17_zoom 18/29
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The molded carpet kit from ACC comes with a driver-side heel pad, headlight dimmer switch grommet, and 36-ounce jute padding for long-lasting durability. No glue was necessary as these kits are molded to fit perfectly.

0211sc_13goodmark19_zoom 20/29

Finally, the rear seat was installed for the last time.

0211sc_13goodmark20_zoom 21/29

As for the front bucket seats, the first order of business was locating a decent pair to replace the factory bench. Sundell Auto Specialties stepped up with a pair. Sundell happens to be a salvage yard specializing in GM musclecar parts, which is why if you're looking for something hard to find, these guys might just have a few of what you need.

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These custom-molded kick panels, which weren't shown in earlier segments, were a part of the Custom Auto Sound installation. Offered with a choice of speakers, they accommodate all factory air vent types. Custom Auto Sound offers these kick panels for many different vehicle applications.

0211sc_13goodmark22_zoom 23/29

From top to bottom, these seats look brand new. Before the carpet and pad installation, special brackets (made by Goodmark Industries) were mounted to the floor, enabling the bucket seats to be bolted down in place of the factory bench seat.

0211sc_13goodmark23_zoom 24/29

When restoring or replacing interior parts, think about ordering a hardware kit like this one from Mr. G's. It takes the headache out of searching for fasteners or screws, plus your job will look clean and professional with all-new hardware.

0211sc_13goodmark24_zoom 25/29

When restoring or replacing interior parts, think about ordering a hardware kit like this one from Mr. G's. It takes the headache out of searching for fasteners or screws, plus your job will look clean and professional with all-new hardware.

0211sc_13goodmark26_zoom 26/29

It's a good idea to replace the factory seat restraints, especially if they are retractable units. After years of service, the mechanisms that retract the belt wear out and may not function properly when needed most. Snake Oyl Productions, a company specializing in products for restorations, provided these brand-new restraints.

0211sc_13goodmark27_zoom 27/29
0211sc_13goodmark28_zoom 28/29

With the seatbelts bolted down, the two front seats can be securely set in place.

0211sc_13goodmark29_zoom 29/29

For a little more class and comfort, Grant's Collector Series three-spoke fully polished aluminum leather grip steering wheel was added. It makes a great match with the aluminum Flaming River column. Also very visible in this shot is the new dash pad from Just Dashes.

0211sc_13goodmark30_zoom 30/29

Last but not least, the all-important dome light base and lens were from Trim Parts. Onto the finishing touches and some more news on how and when you can enter to win the awesome Project Goodmark Chevelle.


Grant Products
Duarte, CA 91010
Original Parts Group Inc. (OPGI)
Seal Beach, CA 90740
Harrison, OH 45030
Just Dashes
Van Nuys, CA
Ididit INC.
Tecumseh, MI 49286
PPG Industries, INC.
Pittsburgh, PA 15272
Auto Custom Carpets, INC.
Anniston, AL 36202
Metal Finish USA
Cleveland, GA 30528
R.E.M. Automotive
Annville, PA 17003
Amk Products, INC.
Winchester, VA 22602
Auto Molding USA
Cleveland, GA 30528
Hamilton,, OH 45015
Iowa Glass Depot
Cedar Rapids, Io 52406
MR. G'S Enterprises
Fort Worth, TX 76117
Parts Unlimited, INC. (PUI)
Louisville, KY 40245
Snake oyl productions, Inc.
Tyler, TX 75702
Sundell Auto Specialties
Shelby, NC 28150
Tim's Auto Upholstery
Duluth, GA 30096
Trim Parts, INC
Lebanon, OH 45036

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