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Goodmark Chevelle Project Car - Part 6

Beneath the flamed hood

Jason Walker Jun 26, 2002

Since we are halfway through the build-up of the Goodmark Chevelle, we thought we'd take a minute to reflect upon and realize what has been put into this car--and what the end result is starting to look like. This simply is not your average project/give-away machine. Not only has the workmanship been above and beyond stellar, but the parts that have been used--from the Goodmark body panels to the Hotchkis suspension components and everything in-between--have all played a huge part in making this Chevelle a real-life, high-end street rod. And just think, we've only seen the first half.

As you'll see in the next few pages, a major step towards cruisin' down the road is about to take place. We knew that this project should receive good, solid, reliable power and utilize today's technology. With this in mind and realizing the scope of this project, GM Performance Parts was happy to provide the nostalgic-appearing, yet technologically advanced 350ci Ram Jet fuel-injected long-block (PN 12495515). This GM small-block uses Vortec heads (PN12558060), high-silicon aluminum pistons (PN12522850), Roller Tappet camshaft (PN 14097395) with aluminum roller rocker arms (PN 12367346). The best part is you can order any of these parts to build your own Ram Jet 350, or order the motor complete at any GM dealer. To back this 350hp engine is a Hughes Performance 700-R4. Hughes is more than well-known in the street and strip world for building strong, reliable manual and automatic transmissions for more than 30 years.

While the engine was on the ground, the boys at Metal Finish USA had a good chance to trial-fit the March Performance alternator, A/C, and power steering brackets and components. The headers, motor and trans mounts and flywheel, torque converter, and 700-R4 were also mounted and readied for their new home. As you will soon see, everything fit just like it should, so the only thing left to do is to stop talking about it and show you.

Next month we will bring you the installation of the fuel lines, transmission lines, brake lines, driveshaft, and exhaust-oh yeah, the body might just finally be bolted into place.


0204sc_goodmark601_zoom 2/11

With the motor out of the crate but not yet installed, it will be easy to trial-fit parts like the Hedman headers and March Performance brackets and components.

0204sc_goodmark603_zoom 3/11

Pro-Form's polished alternator looks right at home on the new Ram Jet engine and mounted up to the March brackets perfectly.

0204sc_goodmark604_zoom 4/11

This shot illustrates how nice the Headman headers look mounted on the engine. In the next issue we will build the rest of the exhaust using Flowmaster mufflers.

0204sc_goodmark605_zoom 5/11

A large prybar is the perfect tool for keeping the new flywheel from turning while placing the correct torque on the flywheel bolts.

0204sc_goodmark606_zoom 6/11

Here is a nice shot of the Hughes 700-R4 transmission. These are completely new and very race- and street-proven, reliable transmissions.

0204sc_goodmark607_zoom 7/11

Four hands will bring the motor and trans together quickly and easily. Make sure before bolting the tranny onto the motor that the torque converter is slid all the way on the input shaft of the transmission.

0204sc_goodmark608_zoom 8/11

Nothing special here: All you need is a cherry picker and a few helping hands.

0204sc_goodmark609_zoom 9/11

Ease it in and don't scratch the paint, MAN!

0204sc_goodmark610_zoom 10/11

Once that last bolt is tightened down, it will be time to bolt it in.

0204sc_goodmark611_zoom 11/11

Don't forget to tighten the motor and trans bolts.

0204sc_goodmark612_zoom 12/11

We couldn't resist showing everyone a little sneak preview of things to come. Just keep your pants on, things are coming together very quickly now.


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Santa Rosa, CA 95401
Energy Suspension
San Clemente, 92673
Chevrolet Performance Parts
Detroit, MI 48232
Goodmark Industries
Lawrenceville, GA 30045
Metal Finish USA
Cleveland, GA 30528
Huges Performance
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Pro-Form / Specialty Auto Parts
Roseville, MI 48066

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