The ASAP C5 Corvette

Real Buck Rogers, 21st Century Stuff

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Art and Drew, father and son, are very close.

Art admitted, "Yeah, there's a touch of that and a touch of the way we think it should have been. We put some down force in it. We put some diffusers and air exciters in it. I think style begins in Europe and moves this way. And there's a little bit of the side vents, the 1990's GT-1 Mercedes look and the lower skirt package is a little bit of Trans-Am racing look. We put some more styling in the rear bumper, sort of a little bit of a Ferrari taste. At the same time we still want to wear Corvette badges." Sharp Vette people will notice the taillights are C5 "exports," with yellow reflectors.

The exotic body rests on a C5 chassis, which has no mods except for a set of Wilwood brakes, Kinesis wheels, and pulling the active suspension for fully-adjustable Bilstein racing shocks.

"Nothing if it ain't big" may be right. Art says, "We're going to build a lot of these...maybe."

The car attracted loads of attention the day of its debut. ASAP got 8,000 hits on its web site the first day of the SEMA show." Exactly where the project goes is not clear at this point.

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"Everything came out of our shop," Art says. "Nothing is a kit, except RK Sport helped us with the rear wing."

Art explained, "We're after the affordable super car. I guess you could put it that way. It's the all-American new muscle car, I wouldcall it."

The engine they use could be one of several different configurations. At SEMA, offers flowed from engine builders for turn-key packages utilizing superchargers, turbochargers, you name it. Whatever engine is chosen for the job, you can bet it'll have lots of American firepower. Art is leaning towards 427 C5-R power. He's also looking into an 8-speed transmission.

"We think that will enhance the paddle shifter. We were given an overdrive from Gear Vendors to do the 8-speed project. Our electronics boards will already shift aftermarket overdrive systems."

Art and ASAP are bristling with ideas. The car must have a name. "We were thinking about Wolverine because of the shapes of the front fenders. My son came up with that."

Once the drivetrain is set and the car is finalized, they are thinking of entering the Silver State Classic. "That's flat out, as fast as you can go. They close the roads down for that."


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