The ASAP C5 Corvette

Real Buck Rogers, 21st Century Stuff

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We figured a 26-year-old was responsible for the scissor doors and super exotic styling. Art is no less a dreamer himself. "I've always been into that," he says.

Art explained the styling was inspired by several different kinds of cars. As for the doors, he says, "The Ferrari Enzo commercial kind of tripped that switch for us."

Art and Drew watched the Bridgestone tire commercial on television. It shows the Enzo in all its glory. This exotic supercar retailed for $645,000, but sells for over a million dollars on the open market. Their desire was to build an affordable supercar.

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Due to time constraints of designing aerodynamic rearview mirrors, windshield pillar-mounted cameras broadcast images to an inside display.

The Enzo inspired the cantilever doors. Basically, the rest of the styling, plus the paddle shifter on the steering wheel, come from various facets of race car design. First, Art went over the paddle shifter.

"My son and I were watching a Formula 1 race," Art says. "The cabin shots, the on-board shots were real exciting, just little things that trip your switch, like the electronic shifting of the Formula 1 cars. They are all really high tech. We like that type of racing."

Thus, ASAP developed a paddle shifter. The paddles, in F1 style, fit on the steering wheel. The driver can change gears without lifting his hands. In race cars, heel and toe downshifting is accomplished electronically, moving a clutch. ASAP's paddle shifter is for automatics only. The paddle shifters are hand made in Art's shop. The application is more than Corvette.

"We can run them in '55 Chevys, anything that's got a detent in the transmission," Art says. "What I mean by detent is like 1-2-3-4, Park. Some of the foreign cars we've not experimented with yet, but we can put it in almost any type of car, SUV, motor home, for anybody who wants a little excitement. And we've also designed it for the physically handicapped."

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ASAP's project car is more than a supercar for the masses. It is a rolling test bed of products (One is a "baby-cam" for SUVs where the driver keeps an eye on the baby in the back seat). ASAP is a serious venture. It designed and built its own supercar body from scratch.

"We take blocks of foam, glue the blocks of foam, and hand sculpt it with clay and some body fillers. And after we do the foams, clays, and body fillers, we take a mold off the buck. The buck's really heavy and not desirable to drive on the street. So, we pull some molds off it to reproduce it."

With this technology, ASAP put its drawings into three dimensions. Basically, they went wild. The front end definitely looks Ferrari 360 Modena.


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