1962 Chevrolet Corvette - White Lightnin'

Just 'Cause It's Been Restored Doesn't Mean It Can't Be Raced!

Damon Lee Dec 1, 2000 0 Comment(s)

At one point during the car's three-year tour of display duties, Mike received a call from a photo service wanting to rent the '62 for an advertising "shoot." No problem! And when he arrived at the appointed location, Zora Arkus-Duntov was there! As it turned out, the photo session was for a promotion of Duntov-authorized, die-cast replica Corvettes. Mike not only got several photos of Duntov in his '62, but also had the legendary first Chief Engineer of the Corvette autograph the 327's chromed air cleaner lid.

After having their Vette in the limelight for so long, Mike and the car's co-owner, Jim Broadwell, decided to tuck it away in the garage for a well-deserved rest. Before long, however, the urge to drive the old solid-axle became too great, and Mike started taking the pristine white fiberglass flyer out for local cruises. And that led to the partners getting the itch to go racing-with the fully-restored '62-so they agreed to mildly revise it into a triple-purpose vehicle, a vintage Vette that could be shown, driven, and raced.

So now this former parts car has metamorphosed into a fully restored showpiece serving three different functions, all in fine style. Occasionally Mike and Jim questioned about their decision to flog the '62 on a drag strip, and to such inquiries, Mike has a hard-core enthusiast's response:

"Everywhere we take the car people compliment us on it and on the fact that we race it. Some tracks that we go to have no other stick-shift cars, and people seem to enjoy watching a manual-shift car being run. We've run low 13s with a 4.11 rearend, and have run a best of 12.68 at 106 mph with 4.88 gears. We intend to continue racing, showing, and driving the '62 Corvette for a long period of time. In this day and age of tube frames, delay boxes, and cubic-money cars, we enjoy being a standout from the crowd!"


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