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Circle City Corvette Club Hosts a Pair of Stingrays

C7s Spied!

Walt Thurn May 24, 2013
Circle City Corvette Club C7 Corvette Stingray Front Lower Tab 2/16

The small two front lower tabs aid aerodynamics. You can also see the radiator's hood-mounted air extractor in this photo. The LED daytime running lights power on when the ignition is activated.

Team Vette was recently invited to attend the Circle City Corvette Club's 33rd meet in Dothan, Alabama. The club organizes a caravan that travels from Dothan to Panama City Beach (Florida), then finishes out the weekend with seminars, a car show, and a fund-raising auction for the National Corvette Museum. We'll have a full feature story on this unique event in the near future.

We met up with the club on a Friday in a large parking lot outside of Dothan. The lot was filled with 125 Corvettes of every generation. Departure was set for 9:30, and when everyone was lined up and ready to pull out, a Blade Silver C7 came out of nowhere to take the lead. The new Corvette came directly from the Bowling Green plant and was being tested for driveability, fit, and finish. We shadowed the C7 for the entire trip and got lots of close-up photos that are worth sharing.

Circle City Corvette Club C7 Corvette Stingray Rear Taillight Turn Signal 3/16

Here's a glimpse of what the turn signal looks like when activated. When the light is not burning, it is invisible.

Having previously seen the new C7 only at car shows and races, we can state that it looks very different on a public highway. The reactions it elicited from other drivers were overwhelmingly positive.

Circle City Corvette Club C7 Corvette Stingray Z51 Performance Option 4/16

This C7 was equipped with an automatic transmission, the 3LT equipment package, and the Z51 Performance option. Z51 comes with chrome (shown) or black wheels, sized 19 and 20 inches (front/rear).

When we arrived at our hotel in Panama City Beach, another surprise was waiting for us: A second test C7, this one in Cyber Gray, had just arrived from Bowling Green. The cars look stunning in the environment they'll soon inhabit in numbers: the highways and byways of the U.S. and beyond. We hope you enjoy this little peek at the future.



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