Minichamps Releases GT3 Corvette Model

Walt Thurn Apr 8, 2013 0 Comment(s)
Minichamps Nurburgring Callaway Competition Gt3 Corvette Front Right 2/6

MAOAM is a German candy company that provided sponsorship for the Callaway Corvette's Nürburgring effort. APP Racing Engines modified the LS7 engine that powers it.

Master German model-maker Minichamps has just released a very-limited-edition (650 pieces) model of one of Callaway Competition's spectacular GT3 Corvettes. The model is rendered in 1/32 scale and filled with incredible details outside and in.

Minichamps Nurburgring Callaway Competition Gt3 Corvette Top 3/6

This photo gives you another glimpse into the stunning interior of this Corvette model.

The car on which this particular miniature is based recently competed at the famous Nürburgring "long course," which runs more than 15 miles per lap. It captured the pole position but was hit in the back on the opening lap by a Mercedes-Benz SLS. The hit caused the Corvette to spin, dropping it to 17th position.

Incredibly, by the end of the four-hour race, the thundering Callaway Vette had pulled into Third Place to take a podium spot. Callaway Competition has captured five FIA GT3 Championships with this privately built car.

We had a chance to inspect a prototype of the new model during a recent visit to Germany. As the accompanying photos attest, the level of detail is very high.

For more information, or to order your own, click on the following link:




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