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Product Preview: March 2013

Mar 4, 2013
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Put On and Reall Take Off

Toyo Tire’s new Proxes RR DOT competition tire delivers maximum dry performance for serious Corvette racers competing in NASA or SCCA competitions, track days, and time-attack events. Its symmetric design—two circumferential grooves molded to a 4⁄32-inch tread depth, with additional wear inspection holes on the void areas—provides the ultimate in traction while eliminating the need for tire shaving. Other features include an advanced compound and a rayon carcass, which deliver predictable handling and consistent lap times; a reinforced sidewall for excellent steering response; and a sidewall marking that allows racers to easily label their tires.

_vemp 1303 01 Z Product Preview March 2013 Toyo Tires Proxes 2/7

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What’s Shaking? Harbor Freight’s new professional-class Central Pneumatic Earthquake Impact Wrench is rated up to 700 ft-lb. Features include a twin-hammer design, three forward speeds, and a vented handle that directs exhaust away from the user. Premium-grade components, meanwhile, provide a longer lifespan than that of conventional air wrenches.

_vemp 1303 02 Z Product Preview March 2013 Harbor Freight Impact 3/7

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I Command You, Robot

Great Stuff’s RoboReel Power Cord System combines patented technology with an industrial-grade design to create what might just be the world’s best-functioning cord-reel manager. Simply touch a button on the end of the cord or on the unit itself, and the cord retracts neatly every time. Safety features include dual thermostats and a circuit breaker to prevent overheating and shorts, an emergency power shut-off, an obstruction sensor, and accidental-rewind protection. According to the manufacturer, it’s the only automatic extension-cord reel on the market that can operate free standing, on a bench, or mounted on a wall (with an optional mounting bracket).

Vemp 1303 03 Z Product Preview March 2013 Roboreel Power Cord 4/7

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Twin-Win Situation

Quarter Master’s new 10.4-inch, two-disc LS street clutch is available for ’97 and newer Corvettes. Constructed from billet aluminum, it features a sprung hub, marcel-type discs with organic rag-type friction, a vented floater plate, grooved friction surfaces, and aircraft-grade bolts and hardware. It’s rated up to 1,400 hp and 1,000 lb-ft of torque, making it ideal for even the highest-output C5s and C6s.

Vemp 1303 04 Z Product Preview March 2013 Quarter Master Two Disc 5/7

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No-Gripe Wipe

Rain-X Fusion wiper blades use modern technology to outperform tough OE standards. Their sleek, heavy-duty design improves windshield contact for a smooth, streak-free wipe with zero high-speed wind lift, while a proprietary synthetic-rubber squeegee delivers superior all-weather wipe quality. Fitments are available for ’72-and-newer Corvettes, all of which are easy to install.

Vemp 1303 05 Z Product Preview March 2013 Rain X Fusion Wiper 6/7

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Orange You Glad?

Trans-Dapt’s line of PerfectMatch engine accessories can help you create a show-stopping underhood appearance for your C1, C2, C3, or C4 Corvette. PerfectMatch oil pans, water necks, engine pulleys, radiator-support panels and bars, timing- chain covers, valve covers, valve caps and breathers, alternator brackets, and air cleaners are powdercoated in OE Chevy Orange or Asphalt Black (some applications), creating a brilliant luster that lasts much longer than paint. They’re currently available for ’55-’96 models.

Vemp 1303 06 Z Product Preview March 2013 Trans Dapt 7/7

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