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Front Lines: March 2013 Letters

Mar 6, 2013
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Dramatic Flares
Can you tell me where Bill Boussum got the fender flares on his split-window? (“Rescue Mission,” Dec. ’12). I have the same ones on my ’64 (they were already installed when I bought it), and I would like to know where they came from.

Randy Townly
Via email

The flares in question came from Chicago Corvette ( Mr. Boussum reports that they went on easily, with no custom work required.

The Will to Power
I have an ’09 Z06 that I love. The car is completely stock currently, but I’m wondering what could be done to expand its power, from bolt-ons to adding a supercharger. It would be great to see what options are out there.

John Franklin
Via email

Regardless of what kind of Corvette you own, you’ll do well to follow these simple steps: Establish a budget, map out a build plan, and find a qualified, experienced shop to do the work.

We recommend starting with the most basic modifications—cold-air induction, a custom PCM tune, and exhaust mods—then continuing to make incremental changes until you achieve your desired level of performance. Too many enthusiasts start with a “kitchen sink” approach, only to end up with a jaw-dropping dyno sheet and an undriveable car.

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If you do decided to add a supercharger at some point, resist the urge to crank up the boost beyond the manufacturer-recommended level (usually no more than 6 psi). The LS7’s 11:1 compression ratio and hypereutectic cast pistons render it ill-suited for use in high-boost applications.

The Deal on the Wheels
Could you please tell me what brand and size the wheels and tires are on Jeremy Clough’s ’72 Stingray, aka “Scarlett.” I’m looking to update my own ’74, and after seeing his car in “The Pig Tour” story (Dec. ’12), I’m intrigued. I really like the look.

Michael Foley
Sheboygan, WI

Jeremy Clough responds:
The wheels and tires are part of a suspension package that we’re working on, and which will show up in the magazine before too long.

The wheels and tires are the same, front and rear. The wheels are Summit Racing Legends with gunmetal-gray centers, and are 17x9 inches wide with 5 inches of backspacing (an inch more than the usual 4 inches of backspacing used with a 15x8 Rally).

On the front, no modifications were required to make them fit, but they will hit the sway bar if you crank the wheel all the way in. You will, however, want to make sure you use stick-on wheel weights, and have them placed well inside the wheel. Otherwise, should you use clamp-on weights at the edge of the rim, expect the steering knuckle to take them right off.

On the rear, we clipped the rear parking-brake bracket off the side of the trailing arm and welded it to the top, where it’s out of the way and doesn’t interfere. We also had to jerry-rig the spring-mount bolts so they wouldn’t interfere with the wheel and sidewall. That makes the car sit a little high in the rear, but we’ll be fixing that soon.

The tires are BFGoodrich g-Force Sports in a 275/40-17 size.

Clip News
I own an ’07 Vette that I bought new. It has a constant crackling noise coming from the top, especially when the temperature is above 80.

My GM dealer has tried unsuccessfully to correct the problem. I hope you can help guide me to a cure.

Steve Simolari
Via email

Many C6 owners have vanquished the roof noise by performing what’s popularly known as the “E-clip mod.” Just pick up a pair of 5⁄32-inch E-clips from a hardware store and slide them onto the pins that secure the top. The results aren’t guaranteed, but given the minimal cost involved, it’s certainly worth a try.

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