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Holiday Gift Guide Edition - Product Preview

Nov 21, 2012

Look out for Junior

The Maradyne Junior Jet 150 portable air compressor supplies air to your Corvette’s tires whenever they need it. Powered by a 9-foot-long cord, which plugs into your cabin’s 12V outlet, Junior Jet 150 features a heavy-duty, gearless, direct-drive motor; an oil-less design; and noise-free airflow. Its 27-inch-long air hose and quick-release thumb-twist valve connector make fill-ups a breeze.

Vemp 13020 01 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Maradyne Junior Jet 2/16

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Spraying a Mist, Checking It Twice

Mothers Complete Hardcore Enthusiast Kit is a must for the detail-minded Corvette owner. It has everything needed to make your car show off its Christmas best from one end to the other, all year round. The kit includes a California Gold Clay Bar System; one 32-ounce bottle of California Gold Car Wash; one 16-ounce bottle each of Reflections Car Wax and Reflections Top Coat; one 24-ounce bottle each of Reflections Spray Wax, Reflections Tire Care, Reflections Leather Care, and Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner; and one 8-ounce bottle of Back-to-Black. It’s available from

Vemp 13020 02 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Mothers Complete Hardcore Enthusiast 3/16

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First-Class Delivery

VETTE columnist K. Scott Teeters is serving up something new and unique for Corvette fans for the holidays: his Corvette Postage Stamp Series. While not authentic U.S. Postal Service stamps, they borrow classic commemorative-stamp design to celebrate all 16 Special Edition Corvettes— from the ’78 Silver Anniversary to the ’13 60th Anniversary 427 Convertible Collector Edition. Choose from your favorite Special Edition, or a single print with all 16 Corvette stamp layouts together—just like a sheet of commemorative-edition stamps. The prints measure 11x17 inches and are suitable for framing.

Vemp 13020 03 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Corvette Postage Stamp 4/16

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Have a Very Shiny Nose

Meguiar’s new DA PowerSystem breaks down the barriers of machine polishing, giving you an affordable, safe, and versatile solution for your detailing needs. Unlike other dual-action polishers on the market, the PowerSystem uses a common household drill as its power source, removing the anxiety frequently associated with rotary machine polishing. Simply attach it to a regular 3⁄8-inch corded power drill with a recommended speed range of 1,200 to 2,500 rpm, then compound, polish, and wax like a professional in no time.

Vemp 13020 04 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Meguiars Da 5/16

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I’m Not a Snowman, Darn It

The Michelin Man—formally known as Bibendum—is perhaps the best-known and most-recognizable mascot in the automotive world. The Michelin Man Collector’s Series Figures are made from solid poly-resin and stand approximately 13.5 (H) by 8.25 inches (W), elbow to elbow. Fully approved and licensed by Michelin Lifestyle Ltd. as part of Coker’s Michelin Collection, these American-made pieces receive a hand-painted, antique finish, assuring that no two are exactly alike. Buy one or collect all four.

Vemp 13020 05 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Michelin 6/16

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Glove at First Sight

Gojo HiTactile Professional Technician Gloves provide protection against lacerations in applications where dexterity and hand protection are both critical. They feature a Chemtrile nitrile palm coat that repels oils and liquids, a breathable and lightweight Maxflex weave with multi-directional stretch for comfort, and ergonomically shaped fingers for excellent fit and dexterity. They’re machine washable and reusable.

Vemp 13020 06 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Gojo Hitactile Professional Technician 7/16

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Un-seize the Moment

Promech Professional Mechanics Formula Penetrating Oil is faster acting and more effective at freeing up rusted, corroded, or seized bolts, nuts, and hardware than traditional “slippery” lubricants. Its formula focuses on penetration, allowing it to fizz corrosion out and creep into seized fasteners. Studies have shown it also works well against the galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals, such as seized steel bolts in an aluminum block or those nasty water-neck bolts in your aluminum intake.

Vemp 13020 07 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Promech Professional Mechanics Formula Penetrating 8/16

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Save the Water for the Tree

Prolong Super Lubricants’ Waterless Wash & Shine delivers a beautiful car wash in less than 15 minutes, without the need for water, rinsing, or drying. Its formula features special lubricating agents to encapsulate dirt, sap, tar, and bugs so they can be removed with ease. Simply spray the product on your Corvette’s surface and easily wipe away with a terry-cloth towel, leaving a just-waxed shine. Waterless Wash & Shine works on most exterior surfaces, including paint, chrome, plastic trim, painted plastic, wheel rims, headlamp covers, and glass.

Vemp 13020 15 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Prolong Super Lubricants Waterless Wash And 9/16

Super Stocking Stuffer

Philips CrystalVision Ultra Headlamp halogen bulbs let your Corvette light up Christmas night with the extreme blue/white brilliance typically found in high-intensity-discharge (HID) kits. These 4,000K bulbs increase nighttime safety and daytime style, conform to DOT standards for street legality, and install in your ’97 and newer Corvette in minutes.

Vemp 13020 08 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Philips Crstalvision Ultra Headlamp Halogen 10/16

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On the Grand Sport for Christmas

American Hydrocarbon’s new Grand Sport fender badges are a direct-fit replacement for the chrome OE emblems because they start out as factory hardware. American Hydrocarbon removes the chrome and applies a black hydrocarbon finish for a more-aggressive “stealth” look. Body-color-matched (with your choice of letter colors) and personalized custom emblems are also available.

Vemp 13020 09 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Grand Sport 11/16

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Accessorize Your Sleigh

Italian designer Sergio Santolin is famous for creating gorgeous leather seats for luxury auto manufacturers. His new company, Inpelle, now produces hand-crafted, custom Italian leather car mats for the Corvette. Inpelle’s special tanning processes—known only to a handful of tanners in the world—produce leather that is supple and soft to the touch, while nearly impervious to the elements. Even high heels are no match for these sturdy-yet-elegant mats. They’re designed for a perfect fit and come in a variety of colors and finishes.

Vemp 13020 10 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Inpelle Leather Car 12/16

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Clean up Before Christmas Dinner

Oil Eater’s five-gallon Table Top Parts Cleaner features a high-impact plastic body, a heavy-duty pump, and an ergonomic, flow-through nylon-bristle brush to clean parts quickly, safely, and easily. Measuring only 13x14x5.5 inches, it’s ideal for home garages or race trailers. One gallon of environmentally friendly Oil Eater Original cleaner/degreaser is included with every purchase.

Vemp 13020 11 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Oil Eater Parts 13/16

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Shake, Rattle, and Roll

OER factory wheel coatings from Classic Industries help do-it-yourself Corvette enthusiasts avoid custom paint mixing, the hassle of spray guns, and even the need for an air compressor when it comes time to restore classic OE wheels. Whether you choose Argent Silver for Chevy Rallys or Nevada Silver for YJ8 aluminum wheels, the paints duplicate the color and sheen your rims had when they left the factory, simplifying the restoration process while providing professional-grade results.

Vemp 13020 12 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Oer Wheel 14/16

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The Grin That Stole Christmas

Mid America Motorworks’ Corvette Leather Jacket is crafted from the highest-quality lambskin leathers, making it a treat both for the eyes and to the touch. Officially licensed by General Motors, it’s offered in red or black with your choice of a C1 through C6 custom-embroidered emblem on the front left chest. Styles for both men and women are available.

Vemp 13020 13 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Mid America Motorworks 15/16

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All the Trimmings

Mid America Motorworks’ Stainless Steel Rear Lettering Set can give your ’97 or newer Corvette’s rear fascia a subtle touch of distinction. The letters are made of high- quality, laser-cut, and hand-polished 304 stainless steel. The polished finish is indistinguishable from chrome, yet will never rust or peel. Each set includes instructions and everything necessary for a trouble free-installation, which can be completed in minutes.

Vemp 13020 14 Z Holiday Gift Guide Edition Product Preview Stainless Steel Rear Lettering 16/16

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