2007 Z06 - Hot Pursuit

Louis Crisafi has owned Corvettes for decades and when he saw this one, he knew it was time for an addition.

Christopher R. Phillip Feb 21, 2012 0 Comment(s)
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Over the course of the next two show seasons, Crisafi racked up 30-plus First Place awards in Tri-State–area car shows, but that merely whetted his appetite for even more mods. In 2009, he color-coordinated the Z's cabin with Velocity Yellow custom seat and interior trim and a DS Vettes custom steering wheel, which were sewn and installed by Automat in Hicksville, New York.

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Was he finished?

"Not even close," he says.

As a prelude to the 2010 show season, Crisafi took the Vette to Checkers Auto Appearance Center in Egg Harbor, New Jersey, for a host of exterior and engine-bay appearance upgrades. "I was already earning First Places at every show I entered," he says. "I wanted to [take] my car to the next level--a real show stopper," he says.

Checkers owner Steve Amadio suggested backlit Z06 emblems, which he made by cutting the outlines of the factory Z06 cloisonné badges from the Corvette's carbon-fiber fenders, installing flush-mount acrylic inserts, airbrushing them with the Z06 logo, and illuminating them with LED bars. Crisafi controls the light show with programmable switches mounted inside the glovebox. "Not only can I light the Z06 emblems with a flick of the switch, but I can flash them fast or slow, and fade them in or out," he says.

Checkers then turned up the heat on the Z's engine-bay aesthetics, including ceramic-coating the long-tubes to match the red color of the silicone hoses that Crisafi had previously installed, painting the fuel rails Velocity Yellow (complete with Corvette and 427 callouts, and a carbon-fiber-style center band), airbrushing checkered-flag designs on the Callaway Honker CAI airbox and radiator cover, installing stainless-steel covers, and more. When they were done, the underhood area was ready to take on all comers.

Amadio and his team then added one-off details to the Corvette's exterior: airbrushing Z06 logos onto the headlight assemblies' inserts, applying carbon-fiber-style hydrographics to the headlight pods, and painting the wheel drums black, with a contrasting Corvette logo on each in Velocity Yellow.

Final touches were performed by a local craftsman who goes by the moniker "J.T." He applied hand-pinstriping on the door coves and a "Skream'n Bee" logo on the rear-bumper cover.

To date, Crisafi's Z has tallied more than 40 First Place show awards--and he's proven his Z has as much go as show by storming the (Englishtown, New Jersey) Raceway Park quarter-mile strip in 11.1 seconds.

What does the future hold for this zippy Z? "I've taken many First Places and Best of Shows, and I really feel I've transformed my Corvette into a rolling work of art," Crisafi concludes. "Beyond that, I've been blessed with the best honor a Corvette owner can ever wish for--I'm in VETTE magazine!"

What can we say to top that except, "Never argue with a cop"?

Lou Crisafi thanks Ed Gentile from TKO Performance in Long Island, who helped him with parts and advice.

Spec Sheet

'07 Z06

Owner Lou Crisafi; Brooklyn, NY
Block Stock cast aluminum with pressed-in cylinder sleeves and six-bolt, forged-steel main bearing caps
Displacement 427 ci
Compression Ratio 11.0:1
Heads Cartek LS7X aluminum with Comp 921 valvesprings, titanium retainers, steel locators, and new valve seals; hand porting and polishing by Brooklyn Vettes
Valves 2.20 titanium/1.61 sodium-filled
Camshaft Cartek LS7X cam (227/242-deg duration, 0.608/0.610-in lift, 116-deg LSA)
Rocker Arms 1.8-ratio, offset (intake only)
Pistons Stock hypereutectic aluminum
Crankshaft Stock forged steel
Rods Stock forged titanium
Intake Manifold Stock composite
Throttle Body Ported stock 90mm
Fuel Pump Stock
Ignition Stock coil-near-plug, GM Performance Parts high-performance wires, NGK TR55 plugs
Engine Management Stock ECU with Cartek race-performance tune
Exhaust System American Racing long-tube headers (ceramic coated by Checker Auto) with 1.875-in primaries, X-style crossover with integrated high-flow catalytic converters, Corsa Sport Exhaust
Transmission Stock TR-6060 six-speed manual
Clutch Stock replacement
Driveshaft Stock
Front Suspension Stock
Rear Suspension Stock
RearEnd Stock
Front Brakes Stock six-piston calipers with cross-drilled rotors
Rear Brakes Stock four-piston calipers with cross-drilled rotors
Wheels West Coast Corvette 946 chrome, 18x9.5/19x12 (front/rear)
Front Tires Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar Extended Mobility, 285/35ZR18
Rear Tires Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar Extended Mobility, 325/30ZR19
Fuel Octane 93
Weight 3,175 lbs
Best ET/MPH 11.10/131
Current Mileage 17,000
Miles Driven Weekly Approximately 30


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