1964 Chevrolet Corvette - C2ZR1

Heartland Customs' LS9 Sting Ray improves on perfection

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"It's killed," says Page. "It's won pretty much every show it's been in. It's won every Corvette show that it's been in." But that's not all. "We took it on the ISCA 2010-2011 circuit, and it [was named] the International Class Champion for Sports Cars for 2011." Not bad for a car that wasn't designed or built to compete at that level!

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One look will tell you why it won—and why it'll never be confused with a bad kit car. And it doesn't drive like a bad kit car, either. "It's amazing," says Page. "It feels like you're driving a new car."

If you're looking to combine classic Sting Ray styling with contemporary Corvette power and handling, Page has two key pieces of advice. First, be patient, regardless of whether you're building the car or having a shop do it. "Especially if you're doing something like the carbon-fiber roof, rocker panels, or front splitter that we did. If you're doing something that nobody's ever really done before, it takes time and patience to get it right."

The other piece of advice? Start with the best car you can find. "Spend a little extra money and get a good donor car," says Page, "because it will save you thousands of dollars once you get it to the shop."




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