2006 Chevrolet Corvette - Best Of Both Worlds

Canadian C6 combines cool looks, hot performance

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When it comes to driving, Smeelen says you can run out of road with his '06 in a hurry. "John Edwards of Dream Machines testdrove it. He was only in Fifth gear...going 255 kph [about 158 mph], and he said, 'I'm just not even close to top speed.'"

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And, like other LS-engined screamers, this C6 is an efficient cruiser, too. "I can putt along at 110-120 kph and get 10 liters per 100 kilometers," says Smeelen. (That's around 23 mpg at 68-74 mph.) "But if you want to boot it, I've seen it go up to 25 liters per 100 kilometers." (You don't want to know.)

Whenever Smeelen takes the car out, it's an attention getter. But he says that attention-magnet status comes with a price: "If you've ever been in Corvettes or exotic cars, have you ever noticed that people look and gawk at you while they're driving? They're not paying attention while they're driving—and they're almost running into you!"

Fortunately the heightened interest hasn't resulted in any on-road mishaps, and John Smeelen is still enjoying the many facets of this, the ultimate dual-use C6.




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