2008 Chevrolet Corvette - Lifting The Pace

This family truly lives the Corvette lifestyle

Chris Endres Jun 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Now, to most people, a Corvette Pace Car with such an impressive set of exterior mods, and the power to back them up, is a sufficiently wicked combination. Not surprisingly, John Ottomano wouldn't be among those people. After enjoying the car for two years, the never-ending quest for more power returned, and so the '08 was on its way back to Vette Doctors for even more power. This time, a custom Comp cam and valvetrain were installed, a methanol injection system added, and a pulley change made, bringing the boost up to an even 9 psi. Combined, the new combination was good for 694 rear-wheel horsepower–more than a 25 percent increase.

Vemp 1106 08 2008 Chevrolet 2/11

Ottomano now spends many hours hanging with his Corvette crew out at Captree State Park on Long Island, where he's broadly known as "Johnny Pace." He's also been known to stretch the car's legs from time to time in a non-sanctioned acceleration contest, but has yet to get it to the dragstrip. "I think the car is capable of running low 10s, no problem," he says.

While number-two son Nicky's enthusiasm may have waned slightly, Johnny Jr., who is currently deployed to Afghanistan, is more enthused than ever. "Every time he calls, he's got new ideas of what should be done to the car next. We obviously can't wait for ‘Johnny Pace' Jr. to get back." And when he does, there's little doubt the pace will be lifted yet again.




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