McDorman Collection Auction - Standing Room Only

The sale of the legendary McDorman collection brought enthusiasts from far and wide for milestone Corvettes

Barry Kluczyk Apr 4, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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In our estimation, the prices were right on given the state of the collector market these days, with many of the cars selling for arguably bargain prices. Some of the later-model cars sold for little more than their original sticker. Considering their milestone designation and brand-new condition, they should prove to be wise investments. In fact, the sale of so many low-mile, milestone vehicles may have had a depressing effect on the overall prices, as there were plenty of similar cars to pick from. Time will tell, as some of those vehicles will undoubtedly hit the market again soon—we saw the transporters and trailers from several well-known Corvette and collector-car dealers in the parking lot.

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Interestingly, the sale last fall wasn't the first time McDorman has liquidated a collection of significant Chevys. He began collecting them pretty much the moment he bought his dealership, but in the late 1960s, a Chevrolet representative leaned on him to sell off the cars, arguing it wasn't good for his business. He did it, but soon starting amassing another collection. A similar discussion with another Chevy rep in the early '70s prompted another sale. After that, the suits in Detroit must have given up, because McDorman was left alone with his cars.

We couldn't help but ask if any rare muscle cars or Corvettes slipped away in those earlier sales.

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"No," said McDorman. "No L88 Corvettes or Z16 Chevelles or anything like that."

It's different this time. Age and other responsibilities have made McDorman's decision to liquidate the latest collection all his, although he's keeping 9 or 10 favorite vehicles for his personal use.

"I've had my time with the cars and enjoyed it all very much," he says. "But it's time for others to get [some] use from them."

If the crowd on hand for the sale was an indicator, there are more than enough enthusiasts willing to take on that responsibility.




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