2006 Chevrolet Corvette - Fire Breather

Dragon Race Engineering Unleashes An 1,100-Horse C6 Scorcher

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Between its show and on-track appearances, the C6 has also done very well from a business standpoint. "This car's paid for itself three times over," says Cochetas, who adds that it's easily the best investment he's ever made.

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If you're planning to add more power to your Corvette, Cochetas has this advice: Before calling a shop like DRE, be ready to talk realistically what you want to accomplish. "Everybody gets wound up because they read magazine and Internet articles about 1,000-horsepower cars, and they're convinced when they walk into my office that's what they have to have," he says. "The reality is, nobody knows what that's like to drive, other than me and a few other people, and it's not actually what they want.

"Find a tuner you can trust and ask the difficult questions. More importantly, ask 'What happens if I change my mind?' You're going to start getting honest and real answers as soon as you ask that question. That's because nobody gets into this and knows exactly what they're going to do. I'm a prime example. What my car turned into is not at all what I envisioned the day I brought it home. It's all going to change."




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