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Brent Jackson Built This Hairy Twin-Turbo '65 To Serve As A Rolling Billboard

Michael Galimi Feb 9, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Once the engine was removed from the dyno at NRE, it was brought back to Jackson's shop, where he and his sons spent a considerable amount of time fitting it in the engine bay. "We dropped the engine in the car, and then we got to the hardest part of the entire build-building the headers, positioning the turbos, fitting the intercooler, and mounting the wastegates in a way so that we could keep the stock fenderwells," he says.

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The goal was to maintain the engine compartment, so the driver and passenger wouldn't hear gravel and debris as the Vette prowled the California roadways. Jackson tells us it took him and his two sons, Andrew and David, several days just to fit the piping and find the proper location for the turbo equipment in the tight engine compartment. Finishing off the wild combination are 4-inch side pipes that fit the Vette theme perfectly. The engine is backed by a Tremec T-56 Viper transmission and a Centerforce clutch, while a custom aluminum driveshaft spins a set of 4.11 gears in the Dana 44 rear.

The final piece to the puzzle was the interior, and, as with the rest of the vehicle, stock just wasn't acceptable. While the cabin treatment isn't over the top, Jackson's sons did force him to install a wild sound system. A Kenwood touchscreen forms the main part of the system, while music is channeled through a custom 3,000-watt Kicker stereo with dual subwoofers. Two Optima batteries and a Powermaster 160-amp alternator are required to keep the sound system pumping and to run the EFI fuel pump and PCM. Jackson built a new dashboard, door panels, and center console to help set off the interior. The driver and passenger get comfortable in Sparco racing seats with black leather and red stitching by Roman Upholstery (Auburn, California).

The world of custom-car building is more competitive than ever, but Brent Jackson has announced his arrival in a big way with this '65 Corvette. And a bonus to its calling-card effect is that Jackson gets to cruise the 800hp Vette around Southern California and claim he's "just working."




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