1962 Chevrolet Corvette - Z062

John Faria And Corvette Correction Build An LS-Powered '62 Stunner

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The interior got the full-on Al Knoch custom treatment, with red and black Italian leather going on the door panels, dashpad, steering wheel, as well as on a pair of Wise Guys bucket seats Knoch modified with extra padding and bolsters. A repro Wonderbar radio with iPod and MP3 plug-ins went in the dash (under the dashpad, which hides the speakers), Classic Instruments gauges went in the stock gauge pods, and a custom clear shifter knob was made with a C6 Corvette logo embedded inside.

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In all, after Dawson hauled the '62 from Rhode Island to Texas, it took only eight more months to create this "Z062." Faria made four trips to Texas from Rhode Island while the build was in progress, to see how his Vette was coming together. In late May 2008, the '62 was finally finished.

Since then, Faria has enjoyed it immensely. "It drives beautifully," he says of his 430-plus-hp Vetterod. "It handles great, and it's fast as hell. It's the fastest thing that I've ever owned!" That enjoyment is shared by everyone who sees it, per Faria. "Wherever I go, it's always a major conversation piece. It gets a lot of attention"

Maybe you've thought of building a Vetterod of your own, from seeing the ones like Faria's featured in the pages of VETTE, or at events like Corvettes at Carlisle. If you've had that idea, Faria has this advice: "You need to plan this thing out ahead of time," he says. "You need to be very well organized and have a good idea of what you're going to do. Even then, you will come up with all kinds of problems, changes, and this and that. I had plenty of time to make my changes, because I had four years.

"There were so many decisions to make, like what kind of interior you want to put into it, what kind of wheels, and what kind of brakes. It's like building a house-there are so many options you have, and decisions you have to make."




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