Corvette Road Trip - Touring Tahoe

Cruising The High Sierras In A Convoy Of Corvettes

Steve Temple Jan 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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Police-Blotter Anecdotes from John Balentine
• "One time I got an accident report on the radio from Pleasant Valley, and upon arriving on the scene, I found a young blonde had smacked her Vette into a pole. Fortunately there were no injuries to her, but the front of her car was a mess. Following typical police procedure, I asked what happened, and after rolling her eyes and biting her lip, she cried, 'I just washed it, and I can't do a thing with it!'"

• General advice on posted speed limits near Tahoe: Don't go more than 10 mph over, and on the high-speed section through Washoe Valley on the 395, don't exceed 5 mph over (75 mph). Any faster and the cops will nail you.

• Driving fast uphill on the section of Highway 50 between Carson City and Spooner Lake, when the wind hits Balentine's wife's '78 Vette just right, it's been know to lift the front end right off the pavement!




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