1997 Corvette Auction - Dropping The Hammer

An Erst While Project Car Crosses The Block At Mecum Indy

James Berry Dec 14, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Arriving at an auction of this size is a real kid-in-a-candy-store experience for any car nut. While there were literally hundreds of cars on hand, the help Mecum staff helped us quickly locate our Corvette, which had arrived three days earlier. It's always a good idea to find your car as soon as you arrive, so you can inspect it for damage. Fortunately ours was unscathed.

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The staff of McCullough Public Relations had created a "showboard" depicting some of the magazine articles in which our C5 was featured and placed it next to the car. If your car has an interesting history, strongly consider bringing along a story board, a photo album, or any other pertinent paperwork to increase the value of the vehicle. The more information you can offer a prospective buyer, the better.

After spending a few days on the exhibition floor for inspection by potential bidders, the Vette began its trek to the block. Detailed and shining like a new penny, she rolled out . . . into the rain. Not to worry, though, as the staging lanes were completely covered, and all of the cars received a quick, pre-auction wipe-down and shine from the staff. Once the C5 was restored to its original luster, it was show time!

Bidding quickly hit $10,000, and then $12,000, before a lull in the action set in. It was then that the finality of the situation began to set in. We realized that our days of driving this fine-tuned machine were over, and began to wonder if we were doing the right thing. It was then that we were jolted back to reality by the cry of the auctioneer: "Sold, for $19,500!" Whew, what a relief!

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With a satisfactory outcome secured, it was time to relax and enjoy the rest of the auction. The only step left to complete was to pick up the check for the purchase price of the car (minus any applicable seller's fees), which we were able to do the very next day. The Mecum staff works diligently to make sure on-site sellers are paid promptly. If you choose not to attend, your check will be mailed to you.

Participating in an auction is an unforgettable experience for any Corvette enthusiast. The emotions that flood your mind when you see the attention your car brings is immensely gratifying-and the check in your hand at day's end isn't bad, either. Should there be any more cars in the garage that need selling, we'll definitely be taking the auction route.




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