Significant Corvette Sales - A Decade Of Corvette Diamonds

Our Expert Panel Picks The Most Significant Corvette Sales Of 2000-2010

Christopher R. Phillip Oct 20, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Car: '67 L88 Coupe
Price: $660,000
Sold By: Mecum Auction (2003)

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Dana Mecum: With a price of more than $600,000, this sale broke a big price barrier for its time nearly 10 years ago. It is a great Car with just 12 original miles and is the lowest-mileage '67 known to exist. Plus, it came up for auction right when the collector-Car market was starting to go up in value, and it set a precedent for these Cars moving forward.

Car: '67 Coupe "The Last Sting Ray"
Price: $660,000
Sold By: Barrett-Jackson (2007)

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Terry L. Michaelis: This Car has an over-the-top restoration, and my company gave it an over-the-top promotion. Significance is in the eye of the beholder, but so much has been written and blogged about this Car that can still be accessed at

Car: '68 L88 Coupe
Price: $572,000
Sold By: RM Auctions (August 2009)

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Ian Kelleher: This champion '68 Chevrolet Corvette L88 "Scuderia Filipinetti" Le Mans Race Car-chassis no. 194378-S-410300-holds a unique place in Corvette history, and hence its inclusion on the list of most significant sales. Entered by Swiss racing patron Georges Filipinetti, with a Zora Arkus-Duntov-prepared motor and driven by Henri Greder and Umberto Maglioli, this L88 Corvette made its Le Mans debut in 1968. It returned for the 24 Hours of Le Mans five more times-consecutively-up until 1973, a record that remains unbroken by any single chassis and is unlikely to ever be equaled, let alone surpassed. It is surely one of the most successful international Corvette racing Cars in history.

Car: '62 Fuel-Injection Convertible
Price: $489,500
Sold By: Gooding & Co.

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Ian Kelleher: No list would be complete without a "fuelie"-the quintessential American sports Car and considered among the most desirable of Corvettes. While the first-year fuelies are traditionally among the most collectible and valuable, this example stands out from the pack with its wonderful race pedigree. It holds a rare place in the history books as one of only five straight-axle Vettes to race at Le Mans, where it started first on the grid in 1962.

Car: '69 L88 Coupe
Price: $401,500
Sold By: RM Auctions (June 2010)

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Ian Kelleher: The L88 is often regarded as the "biggest" and "baddest" of all Corvettes. Packed with punch, thanks to its 430hp 427ci engine, this example was one of the last L88s built and believed to be the only '69 model finished in Monza Red with saddle leather interior. Original owner Dennis Ahrens converted it into a drag racer after only 108 street miles and raced it for years, achieving a best quarter-mile time of 10.82 seconds at 156.65 mph. With just 2,265 original miles and two owners from new at the time of sale (it had remained in its original owner's Care until 2005), its auction presented a rare ownership opportunity for serious Vette collectors to acquire a great example in superb condition.

Car: '58 Retractable Hardtop
Price: $340,300
Sold By: Barrett-Jackson (January 2005)

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Ian Kelleher: From a design perspective, no list of significant Corvette sales would be complete without a "dream Car" from the 1950s-this being a wonderful example. A one-off concept created by Francis H. Scott, a GM stylist from the plaster/plastic department who spent a reported 3,200 hours completing this unique creation, this Car is known as the world's only retractable-hardtop Corvette. Its significance has been recognized via numerous magazine features and displays at some of the world's best invitationals.


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