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How Well Do You Really Know Corvette Racing's World-Champion Drivers?

Christopher R. Phillip Nov 4, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Vette: When you judge cars in the Corvette Corrals, what are you most looking for in the winning car?

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Magnussen: I tend to vote for the classics. My favorite era is the '50s and '60s.

Gavin: Something unique or unusual, whether it's the color, the wheels, the age of the car, or the condition it's in.

Beretta: The look and the color. If it is an old Corvette that is good-looking, I will pick it.

O'Connell: It's guaranteed that if I see McDonald's french fries on the floor of a Corvette, I will choose that car because it's like mine! I've picked them because they're messy, and I think it's awesome because that means the owner is like me. I've picked them because the tires are really feathered on the edges, which means the owner is really driving it. The strength of the Corvette is its athleticism, and I like it when people take advantage of that.

Vette: Where in the world have you never raced a Corvette, but would like to, and why?

Magnussen: I have never raced a Corvette in Denmark, and I would like to do that very much.

Gavin: The Nürburgring. I've never raced there-never driven a Corvette there. I would really love to race the Nürburgring 24 hours in a GT2 Corvette.

Beretta: Monaco, because I have raced there in F1 and Formula 3-not because I was born near Turn 1 at Monaco and it is my country, but because the Grand Prix is such a fantastic event. It has history and flair.

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O'Connell: That's a really easy question. I've always wanted to race in China. With the arrival of the new Le Mans Intercontinental Cup series that will race in China, maybe we'll get that opportunity. China is a very strong market for Chevrolet and GM, so it would be a great thing to do.

Vette: What one specific thing are you most proud of as a driver for Corvette?

Magnussen: I am proud of being part of the team that is time and time again the benchmark.

Gavin: The four victories at Le Mans stand out as the things I am most proud of.

Beretta: Just to be part of a great organization that represents an American brand.

O'Connell: The manner in which we represent the love affair that every Corvette owner has for Corvette on the racetrack. People who buy Corvettes appreciate that the car has a racing history, and a little bit of what we do on the track goes into their personal cars.

Vette: In your home country, what do the local fans like most about the Corvette?

Magnussen (Denmark): The masculine look of the car and the fantastic sound.

Gavin (England): The noise; they love the sound of the engine. British fans are always telling me they love the sound of the car.

Beretta (Monaco): Ten years ago, they had no idea about the Corvette, except what they saw in the movies. Now they know the car because of Le Mans and other European races, and now they appreciate it.

O'Connell (USA): It's America. Most kids grow up wanting a Corvette, whether a guy or a girl. Corvette is a world icon. What makes the car so special worldwide is the love affair that people have with Corvette. It's the only car I know of that has its own specific museum, and that says it all.


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