Tarmac Twister Shootout - Part 2

Lone Star Edition, Part 2

Randall D Allen Jul 14, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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'08 Coupe
Tommy Young describes his Velocity Yellow '08 as "basically a stock car built to murder built cars." And with a prerace timeslip showing a 9.92 at 142 mph, the 25-year-old asphalt paver doesn't appear to be engaging in hyperbole. The journey began at Late Model Racecraft (LMR), which installed its C6 Street Stalker package featuring stainless-steel headers, a high-flow exhaust, an air-induction kit, and custom tuning. While the Vette got a significant bump in power, up to 475, Young knew there was much more work to be done to reach his e.t. goals.

Vemp_1010_08_o 2006_chevy_corvette_coupe Front_shot 2/18

The C6 went back to LMR, where it received a Cold Fusion Nitrous dual-plate kit employing a 100hp shot in the first stage, followed by a 175hp shot in the second. Rear-wheel output jumped to 570 hp and 659 lb-ft on the LMR dyno. A dedicated fuel system for the nitrous-featuring a Holley "blue" pump and fuel cell-allows the stock fuel injectors to remain untouched. Other than an MSD window switch that actuates the first stage at 3,000 rpm, the rest of the car stayed stock, right down to its automatic transmission.

Young lined up the car, planning to drive it like he had on his previous 9-second run: foot-brake to 1,800 rpm, spray the 100hp shot in First, then manually spray the 175hp shot right after the car shifted into each successive gear. But something clearly wasn't right on the first pass, and Young pulled the nitrous back to the 100hp setting through the end of the run. The board flashed a 1.65 60-foot, along with a 10.98 at 132 mph.

The same thing happened on the second pass, yielding a 10.974 at 132 mph. Worse, it was apparent that the 6L80-E six-speed automatic was starting to slip. Undeterred, Young decided to try spraying it in First, then getting deep into Second gear before enabling the 100hp shot again. He did, and trap speed increased to 137 mph on a 10.971 e.t.

Since our track outing, Young has installed an RPM Transmissions Level IV trans and a Circle D billet torque converter, mods that enabled him to run in the 9.80s. Murderous indeed.




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