2009 Factory Five GTM - Give Me Five

Factory Five Racing One-Ups Chevy With A Mid-Engine Corvette For The Street

Christopher R. Phillip Jul 14, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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"I have so much admiration for GM's Corvette program and the men and women who put it together. The GTM is lucky to be able to use the Corvette as the substrate for its design work, because the Vette is pound-for-pound on par or better than any exotic supercar on the planet. Like the Corvette, our GTM is appropriately seen as a testament to the great cars and engineering that are being made in America today."

Vemp_1010_06_o 2009_factory_five_racing_gtm Interior_shot 2/9

For more information on the GTM and a free DVD, go to www.factoryfive.com or call (508) 291-3443.


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