2009 Factory Five GTM - Give Me Five

Factory Five Racing One-Ups Chevy With A Mid-Engine Corvette For The Street

Christopher R. Phillip Jul 14, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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C5 Corvette Components Required
Engine, computer, and exhaust manifolds
Front and rear suspension components (minus leaf springs and shocks)
Front and rear brakes, hubs, calipers, and rotors; rear outer CV joints
Fuel tanks with pump(s) and flexible lines
Radiator with fans and plastic shroud
Wiring harness with engine, throttle-control, and ignition sections
Wheels and tires

Vemp_1010_07_o 2009_factory_five_racing_gtm Wheel_shot 2/9

Tilt steering column with stalks and ignition switch
Flexible brake lines
Radiator fill tank
Windshield-wiper motor
Oxygen sensors (4)
Side and rearview mirrors
Exterior door handles and door-window mechanisms
Vehicle-speed sensor
Emergency-brake handle and cables Gas pedal
Hood latches with cable actuator


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