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1965 Corvette Coupe - A DieCast to Die For

May 12, 2010
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GMP announced the release of their second model in the series of highly detailed 1:18th scale Corvettes, as part of their high-end Masterpiece Collection. The vehicle, a 1965 Corvette Coupe, finished in Nassau blue with matching blue interior follows the success of their first release, the well received 1965 Red Corvette Roadster.

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"The Red Corvette Roadster sold much quicker than we anticipated and right now we're almost completely out of stock…. so it seemed like the perfect time to continue the roll out of this line of Corvettes with the new '65 Corvette Coupe", said Tom Long, President, GMP DieCast.

Gen. Mgr., Mark Sanderson adds " the mid-year Corvettes have always been some of the most popular and desirable Corvettes ever made and we spent extra time in pre-production to really get the details - and there are a lot of them -just right on these Corvettes. We think diecast collectors will be as pleased with this new '65 Coupe as they were with our first release."

Vemp_1005w_07 1965_chevy_corvette Die_cast_model Engine 3/7

The 1965 Corvette Coupe comes equipped with the legendary L78 option, 396, big block engine and is mated to an M20 4spd transmission. Each model is serialized and numbered and features working front and rear suspension, rotating drive shaft, moveable factory-style shift lever, removable knock off wheels, rotating headlight assemblies and opening gas filler cap. The interior is equally detailed with tilting seat backs, an opening glove box door and even side windows that roll up and down.

"Corvette collectors are very concerned with accuracy, with the details and the proportions in the cars they collect" said Tom Long. "These cars have more details than we can list. We're really excited about being able to accurately replicate these Corvettes in never-before-attempted 1:18th scale. And judging by the success of the '65 Red Corvette Roadster, we expect this line of Corvettes will be one of the most successful in our company's history."

Vemp_1005w_10 1965_chevy_corvette Die_cast_model Interior 4/7

This 1965 Corvette Coupe retails for $279.95 and joins the Ferrari line in GMP's Masterpiece Collection Series. It is available through diecast and model dealers or directly from GMP at or by calling toll-free 1-800-536-1637.



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