Chevy Corvette Conversions - Body Language

The Right Body Conversion Can Give Your Corvette A Whole New Look-And Attitude

Steve Temple Jan 22, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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The company wisely started with the '89-'96 C4 Corvette suspension, but with coilovers instead of transverse leaf springs. The frame jig follows the correct wheelbase and track, and is fitted with modified version of a Fiberglass Trends Cheetah body, using an A-pillar to house the DOT-laminated windshield. (The company gets a lot of orders for this particular item, since it's hard to find.) The round-tube frame is braced with shear panels along the cockpit, and front door pillars were added for greater stability, along with flares over the front wheels. The foot boxes are positioned behind the headers to minimize the heat issues of the original configuration.

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The hand-laid dash is provided blank, allowing builders to craft a custom gauge layout, but the transmission tunnel is already cut out for a Tremec five-speed shifter. A bar located behind the driver for securing a racing harness is optional but highly recommended.

As on the authentic item, the hood tilts forward and features side skirts molded in behind the grille to channel all airflow through the radiator. An electric fan provides additional cooling, and the engine compartment can accommodate a range of Corvette engines.

The base frame-and-body package starts at $18,000, and for street use, the fiberglass body comes with a recessed area for the license plate, plus midyear taillights. That's just as well, since the latter item is the only thing most other drivers will ever see of this ferocious feline.

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