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360 Forged Aluminum Wheels - Product Preview

Jan 22, 2010
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Some Assembly Required
Jim Meyer Racing Products has introduced an all-in-one kit that will bring any '53-'62 Corvette chassis into the 21st century. It includes JMRP's popular bolt-in IFS, a bolt-in/weld-in rear suspension kit, a steering-column-and-linkage kit, a master cylinder and power-brake booster, front and rear antisway bars, Wilwood four-wheel disc brakes with rear parking brake, a side-mount engine kit (with LS1 adapter plates), a power-steering-pump kit with pulleys, a Strange third member, and much more. According to the company, "This complete chassis kit will put the fun back in any '53-'62 Corvette, with sports-car handling, stopping, gearing, and steering." For more details, go to

Vemp_1004_01_o 360_forged_aluminum_wheels Rear_suspension_kit 2/7

Micron Manager
FilterMag can extend the life of your engine by trapping and holding wear-causing metal particles all the way down to 1 micron-too small for a standard oil filter to stop. The secret? Rare earth magnets force metal shavings to stick to the inside of the oil-canister wall without reducing oil flow. FilterMag magnetizes itself to the outside of your oil filter so it can never fall off, and it's reusable every time you perform a filter change. Check out for all the details.

Vemp_1004_02_o 360_forged_aluminum_wheels Filter_mag 3/7

Shine Like A Star
Classic Industries/OER's Premium Carnauba Plus No. 53 is an incredible new wax designed for automotive purists who demand the highest and wettest level of shine. It's made with a premium emulsion of 53 percent Brazilian No. 1 white carnauba by volume and a blend of the finest raw ingredients, including almond, coconut, banana, and propolis oils. Its special combination of ingredients will make your paint look like it's dripping off of your vehicle, with a high-gloss shine and shimmer that's sure to impress even the toughest critics. Premium Carnauba Plus No. 53 also includes a liquid crystal polymer for extended longevity and durability. For more information, go to

Vemp_1004_03_o 360_forged_aluminum_wheels Paste_wax 4/7

Good Catch
RevXtreme has just introduced its latest oil-separating catch can. This model uses a thin carbon-fiber overlay on an 1/8-inch-thick aluminum body to cool and condense the oil suspension into droplets, where they are trapped and collected in the bottom of the can for drainage later. It includes a unique inner-disc baffle system that keeps crankcase vapors in contact with the cooling surfaces for a longer period and forces the outgoing vapors to make one more cooling pass as they enter the upper outlet chamber. An integrated PCV/check valve controls the amount of flow and prevents backflow. According to the company, "That's why it's the most effective oil-separating can on the market today." For more details, go to

Vemp_1004_04_o 360_forged_aluminum_wheels Tank 5/7

Body For Change
SLP offers a painted, tape-on body kit for '97-'04 Corvettes, with subtle styling that dramatically improves the look of your C5. It includes rocker-panel cladding, front-end canards, and a rear spoiler, all made from OEM composite material that is superior to fiberglass, is unaffected by temperature, and has superior durability for resistance to surface dings. It comes ready to prep and paint or pre-painted, and features an easy, tape-on installation. No drilling is required. For more information, point your browser to

Vemp_1004_05_o 360_forged_aluminum_wheels Yellow_c4_corvette 6/7

Forge Ahead
Forged Distributing's new 360 Forged aluminum wheels combine the motorsport-derived look of a concave shape-for brake and suspension clearance-with the attention-getting features of a wide-radius straight lip. They're available in three designs for Corvette C6 Z06, ZR1, and Grand Sport models, in 19- and 20-in diameters. Custom fitmets are available upon request. Visit for more info.

Vemp_1004_06_o 360_forged_aluminum_wheels Rims 7/7



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