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Christopher R. Phillip Nov 26, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Iforged Performance Alloys
(714) 484-1070

Brief Description: A truly custom-built wheel designed to any color, offset, and backspacing a Vette owner desires.

Trademark Features: iForged manufactures one-, two-, and three-piece forged modular alloys that are custom-built to each individual's unique needs.

Quote from Company: "We offer the largest lip sizes for all Corvettes."

Vemp_1002_06_o American_racing_torq_thrust_ii_wheel Iforged_performance_alloy 2/12

Complete Custom Wheel (CCW)
(888) 577-0144

Brief Description: The SP500 is a monoblock forged 6061 aluminum wheel that was designed to look great and withstand a beating.

Trademark Features: Every CCW wheel meets extremely high stress/load ratings, is backed by a lifetime structural warranty, is built in two weeks or less, and comes with a 100 percent fitment guarantee. Several finishes are available. (Fully polished is our standard and most popular.) Wheels are offered in 18- and 19-inch diameters, in many widths and offsets to fit C4, C5, C6, C6 Z06, and C6 ZR1 Corvettes.

Quote from Company: "We have a great name in the Corvette industry. Anyone who already owns a set of CCWs will tell you the quality of the work is superb, and our customer support is fantastic. Called the best 'bang for the buck' by many, we fill a void in the Corvette wheel market by offering high-quality forged wheels in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the price of competitors."

Vemp_1002_07_o American_racing_torq_thrust_ii_wheel Complete_custom_wheel 3/12

Cray Wheels
(888) 766-7775

Brief Description: The Cray Scorpion is a bold, staggered, five-spoke wheel designed exclusively for the Corvette. It's available in a wide variety of staggered fitments, including 17x9, 18x9, 18x10.5, 19x9, 19x10.5, 20x9, and 20x10.5 inches. The offsets come in +50mm for the 9-inch wheels and +65mm for the 10.5-inchers. Cray Scorpions are designed to fit on your C4, C5, and C6 Corvette and come in a variety of finishes, including Hyper Silver and Gloss Black. Mirror-cut lips and brilliant full chrome are also available.

Trademark Features: Cray Wheels offers one of the widest selections of staggered one-piece applications. The Cray Scorpion will accept the OE center cap, hardware, and tire-pressure sensors.

Quote from Company: "As beautiful as the Corvette may be, a set of Cray Scorpion wheels can make all the difference in helping your Corvette stand out further in the crowd."

Vemp_1002_08_o American_racing_torq_thrust_ii_wheel Cray_wheels 4/12

D2Forged Wheels
(800) 913-3513

Brief Description: D2FORGED VS1 wheels for Corvette C4, C5, and C6 models are custom crafted from 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum and feature a three-piece modular construction for precision fitment. Sizings of 18-21 inches are available, with widths up to 14 inches.

Trademark Features: Custom-finish packages are available, including OEM color matching. The wheels accept OEM TPS hardware, clear large calipers, and come with an engraved-aluminum center cap. A seal of authenticity with a unique serial number is included on each wheel.

Quote from Company: "D2FORGED Wheels are crafted for Corvettes and have been real-world tested on 700hp vehicles. Durability, craftsmanship, and drop-dead gorgeous designs define the D2FORGED line."

Vemp_1002_09_o American_racing_torq_thrust_ii_wheel D2_forged_wheels 5/12


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