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2006 Chevy Corvette Convertible - The 'Glass Menagerie

Nov 26, 2009
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Think your Vette is Menagerie material? Just send a photo of the car, a brief (or, if you prefer, no-so-brief) description, and whatever else you'd like to Vette Magazine, c/o 'Glass Menagerie, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. You can also email the information to with "Glass" in the subject line. So what are you waiting for?

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Drive A Little Dream
Eddie Molina
Austin, TX
'64 C2 Convertible

The year was 1969, and I was riding with my cousin Jesse from Port Isabel, Texas, to Brownsville-a trip that would normally take 25 minutes. We were driving his brand-new '69 Camaro Z/28 with a 302hp engine. We made the trip in 12 minutes on a two-lane highway, averaging 110 mph. I thought then that there was no other car that could keep up with my cousin's Z/28. Boy, was I wrong. When we got to Brownsville, there was a red '64 Corvette Sting Ray waiting at the first red light we came to, and the race was on. My cousin gunned his engine, setting the stage for my first drag race. The light turned green, and the Corvette and the Camaro roared down the road neck and neck, until, all of a sudden, the Corvette seemed to hit its stride, beating the Z/28.

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When my cousin caught up to the Corvette, he motioned him over to the side of the road. We both had to see what was under its hood. The engine was pretty simple-a 327 engine with 365 horses. My dream car had materialized. Although I really liked my cousin's Z/28, nothing would ever compare to that '64 Sting Ray. It remained my dream car throughout my adult life. I finally realized my dream six years ago, when I found my Corvette in Hempstead, Texas. It's been professionally restored to its original state, with all its numbers matching and date-coded. The resto work was performed by Dan Martin of Hill Country Vettes in New Braunfels, Texas.

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Ragtop Rollcall
Butch and Donna Chaffer
Sparks, NV
'60 C1
'05 C6 Convertible

We've had several race cars and hot rods, but this C1-purchased in 1993-was our first Corvette. It was an ex-drag racer and in terrible shape. Besides replacing/repairing the suspension and wiring, we installed a ZZ4 350, a custom-modified hood, a Tremec five-speed, front disc brakes, an aluminum radiator, and a 9-inch rear. We did all the work ourselves, except for the body and paint. Although the car has collected many awards, it's never trailered and racks up approximately 1,800 miles yearly. The C6 is our third Corvette (we previously owned a '95 coupe, which we sold to buy this one). We ordered the R8C and Z51 options, and took a great, 5,000-mile trip home from the National Corvette Museum in August 2005. Upgrades include a Corsa Sport exhaust, a VaraRam ram-air intake, a DiabloSport Predator tune, and a Breathless Performance shifter. It now has more than 32,000 miles and several cross-country trips . . . with more to come.

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C5 Chums
Ken Dunlap and Moe Vinson
Junction City, KS
'02 C5 Coupe
'99 C5 Coupe

Moe and I are longtime friends and have many things in common, but we have very different styles. I like the old-school approach of chrome, performance, and flash, while Moe enjoys the newer style of blacked-out wheels, a big stereo, and modern items. We enjoy doing things together with our wives Dee and Nancy, and helping others with their Corvettes.

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Topless In The Tundra
Bruce Thomson
St. Albert, Alberta (CN)
2006 Chevy Corvette Convertible

This is my '06 C6 convertible. It recently took Best in Class and Dealer's Choice at the 35th annual Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs Convention, which was hosted this year by our local Corvette owners' club. Reeves Callaway was the guest speaker at the awards banquet, which made this year's convention even more special. A Dynatech Supermaxx exhaust system, B&B Route 66 mufflers, detailed cylinder-head modifications, a cold-air intake, a ported throttle body, and custom PCM tuning make this Vette sound and perform as good as it looks. Corvettes turn heads wherever they go, and with the addition of LSD "lambo" doors, mine stops traffic.



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