Corvette Custom Chassis - Vintage Is Only Skin Deep

Dissecting Street Shop's C1-C3 Custom Chassis

Jeremy D. Clough Nov 26, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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For those like Dick Dawson (whose "Z067" convertible appeared in these pages in August 2008), who aren't averse to cutting fiberglass, there's no reason to act like the Corvette quit advancing in 1996. Street Shop also offers frames with C5 front and rear suspensions (including the rear-mounted six-speed transaxle), as well as one compatible with C6 underpinnings. The last time I was at Street Shop, Walden and company had just finished assembling a midyear chassis that had C6 Z06 running gear backed up to a fuel-injected big-block 502-a mighty amalgamation of the nastiest of both breeds.

Ultimately, that's what the Street Shop chassis is all about: combining the best features of each of the generations into the single car that best suits your needs.




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