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C6 Xtreme Exhaust System - Product Preview

Oct 21, 2009
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Aggressive Behavior
Corsa Performance Exhausts has introduced its C6 Xtreme exhaust system for '09 Corvettes. It provides the most aggressive sound ever during acceleration, while maintaining a comfortable interior note at cruising speeds. Features include patented Reflective Sound Cancellation technology, 2.5-inch premium stainless-steel pipes, and twin 3.5-inch Pro Series Tips laser etched with the Corsa logo. The C6 Xtreme exhaust is said to deliver a 64 percent gain in exhaust flow versus the stock muffler, along with an increase in output of 13 hp and 10 lb-ft of torque. Check out for more info.

Vemp_1001_01_o C6_xtreme_exhaust_system Mufflers_and_pipes 2/7

The Wheel Deal
Corvette America now offers painstakingly accurate replicas of Kelsey Hayes' knockoff and bolt-on wheels for '63-'67 Corvettes. Starting with the original blueprints, and with the help of restoration experts and NCRS judges, the company matched the originals down to the finest details. Offered in three styles-'63-'66 Original-Style Knockoff, '63-'66 Direct-Bolt Knockoff, and '67 Bolt-On-these crowd- and judge-pleasing wheels are only available from Corvette America and its authorized dealers. For more information visit

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Keep It Quiet
Burns Stainless' 2-Stage Ultra-Light Motorsports mufflers are perfect for Corvettes that compete on the drag strip or at the road course. Originally developed for sprint-car racing, these mufflers are quieter than the standard Burns units without sacrificing performance. They're constructed from light-gauge 304 stainless steel, TIG-welded, and equipped with both first-stage absorption and a second-stage baffle sections. They come standard in 2-1/2 to 4-in ID sizes, and custom sizes are available, too. For more information, go to

Vemp_1001_03_o C6_xtreme_exhaust_system Burns_stainless_mufflers 4/7

Better Plate Than Never
Billet Frames' billet-aluminum license frames are sure to look great on your classic or late-model Corvette. They're CNC-machined from solid billet aluminum and are available in a polished or black-anodized finish. Numerous frame styles, fonts, and font colors are available to choose from. Visit for more info.

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Crank It Up
Lunati's new GM LS Long Stroke crankshafts are based on the company's popular Pro Series line. Made from forged, 4340 non-twist steel, they're capable of producing over 500 cubic inches and handling 1,000-plus hp. Features include micro-polished and lightened rod journals, gun-drilled mains, a special nitride heat treatment, and an exclusive counterweight design that greatly reduces windage. Popular strokes from 4.250- to 4.625-in are available. Visit for all the details.

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No Gum Allowed
Shell's innovative Gumout Regane Complete Fuel System cleaner is the smart way to keep your Corvette's engine clean. It's designed to revitalize the entire fuel system, including combustion chambers, piston tops, cylinder heads, fuel injectors/carburetors, and intake valves and ports. According to Shell, it's effective for up to 10 fill-ups and provides 10 times the detergent of a leading competitor. For more information, point to your browser to

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