1962 Chevy Corvette - Dem Bones

Paragon Reproductions' LS7 C1 Went From Wrecking-Yard Reject To Show-Ready Stunner

Christopher R. Phillip Oct 21, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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The remainder of the drivetrain consists of an Exedy twin-disc clutch, a Rockland Standard Gear/Tremec T56 six-speed manual transmission, a custom steel driveshaft, and a Posi-equipped Dana 44 rear stuffed with 3.07 gears.

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The final touches involved uniting the body with its new chassis, mounting the LS7's remote oil reservoir on the passenger-side fender, routing all the lines and hoses, installing a Howell EFI system, and rigging up a C6 drive-by-wire accelerator assembly. With those steps completed, the LS7 finally came to life. "It created an adrenaline flow that made every short hair on your body stand straight up!" Childs says.

The last major chapter of the "rectification" covered the cabin, where an Al Knoch custom-leather dash, seat covers, and door panels stand in for the stock hides. Classic Instruments electronic gauges keep an eye on the engine's essentials, and a Valor CD/DVD sound system, Vintage Air A/C, and power windows add modern comforts to the otherwise classic-looking command center.

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Finished in September 2009, this '62 Corvette is more than resuscitated; it's a bona fide blast to drive, and a rolling showcase for Paragon's expansive line of Corvette-restoration products. "Response to the project has been overwhelming," Childs says. "Wherever we display Bones, it always draws a crowd. The most-asked question has been 'Is this a GM prototype or styling car?' When I show them what we started with, the response is always 'No way!' We wanted to show that building something different-designed to match who you are as an individual-can be done with style and performance."

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Make no bones about it, Paragon's LS7 Vette will continue to impress audiences with its classic design, phenomenal looks, and fantastic performance. "I hope it gives our customers some ideas for their next project," Childs says. "And when they see the quality that went into this car, they'll know it's the same quality we put into every reproduction part we sell to the Corvette hobbyist."

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For more information on Paragon Repro-ductions, visit www.corvette-paragon.com.


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