2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - Horsepower Helper

An Extra Serving Of Aftermarket Speed Allows This Flambed Z06 To Devour The Competition

Christopher R. Phillip Dec 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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"I wanted to have more power at my fingertips, especially if it's needed for a race," Wilbur says. To that end, he and Lewis selected a Nitrous Express wet-plate system capable of 200 additional horsepower, backed by an MSD digital controller to keep tabs on timing and solenoid activation. Although the unit came with stamped brackets, RevXtreme installed it with custom-fabricated billet-aluminum solenoid brackets to preserve "a quality look" under the hood.

Tuning was performed by RevXtreme's Matt Kesatie. "We started with a base tune file we had already developed for similar builds, so we could have a safe base for initial startup," Lewis says. "From there it was pretty straightforward as we progressed up the rpm range with a conservative tune that would not push the limits. The air/fuel on this car is a flat 12.8:1, and max timing is between 30 and 26 degrees, depending on rpm and engine load. The nitrous controller takes care of the timing automatically when activated, so no second nitrous tune is needed."

To handle the much-improved horsepower, RevXtreme upgraded the Vette's suspension with Pfadt Race Engineering components. "Greg has the Pfadt Aggressor I suspension package, which includes our adjustable coilovers and Competition 'Pfatty' sway bars," says company co-owner Robbin Pfadt. "The Pfadt coilovers are perfect for a car like this because the increase in spring rate makes it more planted in all driving conditions and helps put the horsepower to the pavement. They also offer adjustable damping, so they can be easily tuned with the click of a knob for a variety of conditions.

"The Pfatty sway bars provide more than two times the stiffness of the Z06 units," Pfadt continues. "This makes the car flatter in turns and gives that 'corners like it's on rails' feeling. The reduced body roll also translates into increased responsiveness from the steering wheel. Additionally, the Pfadt bars make the car more neutral in turns, while still allowing excellent traction on corner exit. This is extremely important in real-world situations, like when you want a stable rearend when powering through an off-ramp."

All other mechanical systems on this Vette remain stock, including its T6060 six-speed trans, 3.42 rear gears, and braking system.

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Dyno testing followed the project's completion. "Our testing with heads, cam, and tune resulted in 546 rwhp. When we added the nitrous system, the numbers shot up to 750 hp," Lewis says. In comparison, a stock C6 Z06 will typically pull about 450 hp at the rear wheels.

What's it like to drive a 750hp road rocket on the street? "It takes mad discipline to keep this Corvette at the speed limit," Wilbur says. "It always wants to give me more power, no matter what speed I'm traveling at and no matter what gear I'm in. Next time I see that GT, it's going to be crushed."

So here's a friendly warning to VETTE readers: If you find yourself in Clearwater, Florida, and you glance over and see the subtle look of ghost flames reflecting off the front fenders of an '06 Le Mans Blue Z, think twice before you race it. It just might be Greg Wilbur's modified Z, and the only thing it wants to eat is-you guessed it-you!


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