1995 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1- Boosting The Beast

Newly Armed With A Supercharger, The Original "King Of The Hill" Accedes To The Throne Once Again

Randall Woods Dec 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

The Result
The project is now nearing completion, and we'll be getting dyno and track times soon. During our around-town test runs, there's no mistaking that this ZR-1 is supercharged. The whine that emanates from the Rotrex's drive unit, magnified by the intake-system tubing, lets passersby know this isn't a stock ZR-1.

Throttle response is clean, and the timing of the vacuum-to-boost transition point seems to coordinate effectively with the car's vacuum-actuated throttle secondaries. Both "come in" at the same time, providing a feeling of throwing a switch and instantly having a substantial amount of additional horsepower at your disposal.

Although boost levels are being kept low for now (less than 4 psi due to the stock 11.0:1 compression ratio), we expect an increase of 80-100 hp at the rear wheels. Our test vehicle has already dyno'd at just less than 410 rwhp, so with the addition of the supercharger, 500 rwhp should be possible. And of course, more horsepower is on tap if we lower the compression and increase the boost.

While we won't be installing these kits in customers' cars ourselves, we're negotiating with some reputable LT5 specialty shops that have expressed interest in becoming authorized installers. If all goes as planned, we hope to offer these supercharger systems to the ZR-1 community in the near future.


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