Ultra Street Avenger and Ultra Double Pumper Carburetors

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Carb Counting
Holley Performance Products has introduced its all-new Ultra Street Avenger and Ultra Double Pumper carburetors. They're designed for improved performance, weight savings, and show-quality looks, and their all-aluminum construction makes them 5 pounds lighter than their zinc predecessors.The Ultra Street Avengers come with vacuum secondaries, are available in 670- and 770-cfm sizes, and have all of the bolt-on-and-go features that made the original Street Avengers so popular. The Ultra Double Pumpers are available in 650- and 750-cfm sizes and come with mechanical secondaries and electric chokes. Both carb types feature four-corner idle circuits for precise tuning and enhanced fuel curves for optimum performance. Check out www.holley.com for all the details.

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Bellow Or Mellow
Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has released its Fusion bi-modal exhaust system for the C5 Corvette. Each of the system's mufflers is equipped with a pushbutton-operated butterfly valve that regulates exhaust flow. When the valve is closed, all of the exhaust travels through the "quiet" side of the muffler, allowing for a nice, mild exhaust note. When the valve is opened, the majority of the exhaust flows through the "loud" side of the muffler, emitting a deep, robust bark that's guaranteed to turn heads. Visit www.bbexhaust.com for more info.

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"Bespoked" Wheels
D2Forged has released its new line of VS1 wheels for the Corvette. These wheels are custom-crafted from 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum, feature three-piece modular construction, and are available in 18- to 21-inch sizes. Even better, they clear OEM large calipers, accept factory tire-pressure systems, come with an engraved centercap, and feature unique, wheel-specific serial numbers. For more information, point your browser to www.d2forged.com.

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Gauge Rage
Drew Industries says its new DashDAQ XL is the most versatile and powerful vehicle-data-acquisition device on the road today. This dash-mounted mini-computer allows you to combine up to 24 gauges on a single screen and monitor any of the vehicle-sensor systems built into your Corvette's ECM. Other features include a performance meter that measures reaction time, trap speed, and quarter-mile e.t.; as well as a diagnostic-code troubleshooting function. GPS navigation, a media player, a fuel-economy calculator, and other features are optional. The DashDAQ XL works on all Corvettes from '96 forward. Visit www.dashdaq.com for all the details.

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Pour Me A Tall One
PML's big-block Chevrolet valve covers are built in the USA and feature strong, sand-cast aluminum construction, raised Corvette script and fins, and cast-in baffles to prevent oil leaks. They're taller than stock to accommodate roller rockers and are available in a choice of four finishes: as-cast, black powdercoated with shaved fins and script, Chevrolet Orange powdercoated with shaved fins and script, and polished. For more information, go to www.yourcovers.com.

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Dust Never Sleeps
Eagle One's new Keep Clean Wheel applies a barrier of protection to shield against brake dust and road grime, keeping your Corvette's rims clean and shiny for up to two weeks. Here's how it works: After using Eagle One's A2Z All-Wheel & Tire Cleaner to clean your wheels, simply spray them with a coat of Keep Clean Wheel. It will haze and dry clear for maximum protection from dirt and other contaminants. For more information, visit www.eagleone.com.