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VETTE's Official Guide To Corvette Suspension Kits And Components

Speed Direct
(888) 425-2776

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Brief Description
SpeedDirect offers complete suspension packages for '63-'82 Corvettes, including front and rear coilover-spring conversions, aluminum control arms, upgraded sway bars, and rack-and-pinion steering. Shark Bite coilover kits replace the monoleaf springs with truly independent front and rear coilovers. These kits boast adjustable shock valving and offer the ability to tune ride height with the turn of a wrench. We also have a variety of spring rates to choose from, allowing you maximum tuning ability.

Our aluminum control arms offer lighter weight, an improved roll center, and greater camber gain, for a better-handling car with more cornering ability. Larger sway bars help the car stay under control by limiting the amount of body roll. Add all these together (plus steering and brake options), and your old classic will finally handle like a new Corvette!

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Our Shark Bite rear coilover suspension for '63-'79 Corvettes is of particular interest, as it uses a race-inspired rocker-arm setup along with the coilovers. This setup completely replaces the bouncy transverse leaf spring with lifelong-rebuildable aluminum shocks. These kits are lighter than the stock suspension and keep all the loads focused where they were intended to be from the factory. One other highlight is that all of SpeedDirect's kits bolt directly into place using the existing mounting locations-no drilling, cutting, or modifying required.

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"SpeedDirect manufactures Corvette steering and suspension components designed to bring modern precision, control, and handling to your classic Corvette."

Tokico Performance Shocks
(310) 212-0200

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Brief Description
Tokico Blues are the choice for performance enthusiasts looking for the best in overall handling and ride quality. The HP-series damping typifies Tokico's philosophy of minimizing low-speed damping force while greatly increasing damping at high piston speeds for improved compliance, tire adhesion, and handling. Tokico has been developing and manufacturing parts to OE quality standards for more than 65 years.

Trademark Features
The heart of Tokico's shock absorber is our unique piston design. The multi-stage, variable-aperture sandwich-valve system, with its precision plates and precise orifice control, allows a flexibility of damping control not found in other shocks. Our oil is specially compounded for resistance to breakdown and minimal viscosity change. Our piston-rod guide has a Teflon-coated bushing, which provides minimal dynamic friction and extends piston-rod life. All of our shocks are designed with a chrome-plated and micro-polished piston rod for long seal life and smooth operation. Tokico offers a limited lifetime warranty on our products, so you can drive your Vette with confidence.

Quote From Company
"Here's a typical response we get from our customers: 'Your shocks are great! I took my car out yesterday for the first time since they were installed, and it corners like it's on rails . . .'"


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