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VETTE's Official Guide To Corvette Suspension Kits And Components

Vette Brakes & Products
(800) 237-9991

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Brief Description
Our Performance Plus Package for '63-'82 Corvettes has separate adjustments for spring rate and ride height. Other packages, such as the Grand Touring Plus and the Advanced Street and Autocross, let the customer choose spring rates and other components to suit their needs.

Trademark Features
We manufacture our own fiberglass springs in several different arches and rates to fit a wide variety of applications and driving styles. We also manufacture adjustable strut rods in several styles to help an alignment shop set up the car properly. All of our polyurethane bushings are graphite impregnated for self lubrication and no squeaks. We do all of our own top-quality powdercoating in four basic colors. We also offer a cryogenic treatment process that improves the hardness of suspension components on a molecular level. We'll be happy to customize a package that best suits a customer's needs

Quote From Company
"Vette Brakes & Products has been offering high-quality suspension components for more than 30 years."

Pfadt Race Engineering
(888) 972-2464

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Brief Description
Pfadt Race Engineering is an engineering-based producer of suspension components for '97 and newer Corvettes. All Pfadt products are built specifically for the Corvette, ensuring a perfect fit and ultimate functionality.

Trademark Features
Adjustability, functionality, quality, and a comfortable ride are what Pfadt customers love. Our products are designed from a blank sheet of paper, applying engineering and racetrack testing to create elite suspension products.

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"On any given weekend, Pfadt Race Team members are putting our suspension through its paces, winning races with the help of our line of Pfadt suspension products. Put our engineering to work and upgrade the handling of your Corvette to the supercar that it is!"

Volunteer Vette Products
(865) 521-9100

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Brief Description
Volunteer Vette Products offers premium-quality front- and rear-suspension components for '63-'04 Corvettes. Our suspension kits are available in levels ranging from basic to deluxe and are among the most complete in the industry.

Trademark Features
We utilize premium-quality, American-made, heavy-duty idler arms, upper and lower ball joints, and inner and outer tie-rod ends. All kits are available with the customer's choice of either rubber or polyurethane bushings for the strut rods, differential front mount, leaf-spring end mount, and trailing arms.

Quote From Company
"Volunteer Vette Products has been producing and selling quality Corvette parts from our warehouse and manufacturing facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, for more than 24 years."


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