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VETTE's Official Guide To Corvette Suspension Kits And Components

Mid America Motorworks
(800) 500-1500

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Brief Description
In addition to our common front suspension rebuild or replacement kits and components for Corvettes, Mid America Motorworks now offers a prepackaged kit of the most failure-prone '63-'82 Corvette rear-suspension components. All components are manufactured exclusively for Mid America Motorworks and meet or exceed OEM design, construction, and material specifications. Many of the specifications were derived through years of involvement in NCCC and SCCA Corvette racing and competitive driving.

High-quality chassis components have proven to be the foundation of any Corvette's ride and performance handling characteristics. Take the next curve a little deeper knowing that the parts have been checked out through many years and miles of service by our technicians and your fellow Corvette owners.

Trademark Features
Our kits contain OEM-quality rear-suspension rubber bushings and bolts; restore factory-fresh handling, ride, and rear-tire tracking; reduce costly rear-tire wear due to rearend squat; and eliminate excessive suspension popping, movement, and noise.

Quote From Company
"Mid America Motorworks is celebrating 35 years in the Corvette aftermarket and hobby during 2009. We're proud to support the restoration and salvation of countless Corvettes and to provide their owners with the finest in Corvette apparel and accessories."

Performance Suspension Technology (PST)
(800) 226-4101

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Brief Description
PST's frontend kits, G-Max sway bars, and Ground Zero coil and leaf springs are specifically engineered to work together as a complete system. Our high-performance Polygraphite frontend kits eliminate steering slop and play caused by old, worn components and upgrade the Corvette's performance to unmatched levels.

G-Max sway bars feature larger diameters and reduce body roll for flat, fast cornering. A variety of different sizes are available to accommodate street, strip, and autocross applications.

Ground Zero coil and leaf springs are the perfect way to restore new-car stance and performance, or upgrade performance far beyond stock levels. Mileage, age, corrosion, and hard driving all contribute to weak, sagging-and the eventual failure of-springs.

Trademark Features
Polygraphite is a high-performance, graphite-impregnated polyurethane bushing designed for street-, strip-, and track-driven cars. Polygraphite bushings feature near-zero deflection, the superior handling characteristics of polyurethane, and the quiet, lubricating properties of graphite.

PST has been a leader in muscle-car suspension for more than 25 years and warranties all products against defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. Shipping and handling is always free in the Continental U.S.

Quote From Company
"PST is a one-stop solution for all of your suspension needs. We have thousands of satisfied Corvette owners from each generation who swear by our proven Polygraphite system. Give us a call and get your new, improved Corvette back on the road today!"


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