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Corvette Suspension Kits And Components - Let It Ride

VETTE's Official Guide To Corvette Suspension Kits And Components

Nov 1, 2009
Vemp_0911_01_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components C5_z06_corvette 2/14

As good as the C5 Z06 suspension is from the factory, there's always room for improvement. Be sure to balance track grip against on-road comfort when making your selections.

Part 2: Manufacturers K-V
in our last issue, we brought you a plethora of manufacturers promising to improve your Corvette's ride and handling with the latest in shocks, springs, control arms, antisway bars, and bushings. This month, we bring you another sampling of suspension specialists, each one ready to provide you with the mods you need to enhance the agility of your Corvette.

Because choosing the right suspension parts is a largely subjective endeavor, we didn't favor one of these manufacturers over the others. Instead, we listed them all (half last month and half this month) and allowed them to state their case. All that's left is for you to decide is which one's right for your Corvette.

(630) 620-5555

Vemp_0911_02_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Kyb_shocks 3/14

Brief Description
The KYB Gas-a-Just shock's more responsive monotube design automatically adjusts to driving conditions. It's ideal as a replacement for vehicles that came equipped with a monotube-design shock.

Trademark Features
Large-bore working cylinder, heavy-gauge wall, 100-percent fluid valving, high nitrogen-gas pressure, phenolic piston ring, and velocity-sensitive piston.

Quote From Company
"Handling, control, performance, and quality-the KYB Gas-a-Just."

LG Motorsports
(972) 429-1963

Vemp_0911_04_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Lg_motorsports 4/14

Brief Description
LG Motorsports takes its 35-plus years of racing experience and passes it along to you, with track-ready suspension upgrades for your C5 or C6 Corvette. Coilover suspensions, drop spindles, monoball lower control arms, and quiet endlinks are available.

Trademark Features
Our coilovers use an aluminum-bodied Bilstein shock with custom valving. [They also use] Hyperco springs, the same company that supplies race springs to F1 and IndyCar teams. Our billet-aluminum drop spindles lower your Corvette 1 inch, and our monoball lower control arms offer precise control with no bushing deflection.

Quote From Company
"LG Motorsports' coilover package for the C5 and C6 Corvette was developed on the racetrack by Lou Gigliotti in conjunction with the highly skilled engineers from Bilstein. We at LG Motorsports have nurtured our racing contacts to be able to carry that technology into the street products that we build."

Mid America Motorworks
(800) 500-1500

Vemp_0911_03_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Mid_america_motorworks 5/14

Brief Description
In addition to our common front suspension rebuild or replacement kits and components for Corvettes, Mid America Motorworks now offers a prepackaged kit of the most failure-prone '63-'82 Corvette rear-suspension components. All components are manufactured exclusively for Mid America Motorworks and meet or exceed OEM design, construction, and material specifications. Many of the specifications were derived through years of involvement in NCCC and SCCA Corvette racing and competitive driving.

High-quality chassis components have proven to be the foundation of any Corvette's ride and performance handling characteristics. Take the next curve a little deeper knowing that the parts have been checked out through many years and miles of service by our technicians and your fellow Corvette owners.

Trademark Features
Our kits contain OEM-quality rear-suspension rubber bushings and bolts; restore factory-fresh handling, ride, and rear-tire tracking; reduce costly rear-tire wear due to rearend squat; and eliminate excessive suspension popping, movement, and noise.

Quote From Company
"Mid America Motorworks is celebrating 35 years in the Corvette aftermarket and hobby during 2009. We're proud to support the restoration and salvation of countless Corvettes and to provide their owners with the finest in Corvette apparel and accessories."

Performance Suspension Technology (PST)
(800) 226-4101

Vemp_0911_06_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Performance_suspension_technology 6/14

Brief Description
PST's frontend kits, G-Max sway bars, and Ground Zero coil and leaf springs are specifically engineered to work together as a complete system. Our high-performance Polygraphite frontend kits eliminate steering slop and play caused by old, worn components and upgrade the Corvette's performance to unmatched levels.

G-Max sway bars feature larger diameters and reduce body roll for flat, fast cornering. A variety of different sizes are available to accommodate street, strip, and autocross applications.

Ground Zero coil and leaf springs are the perfect way to restore new-car stance and performance, or upgrade performance far beyond stock levels. Mileage, age, corrosion, and hard driving all contribute to weak, sagging-and the eventual failure of-springs.

Trademark Features
Polygraphite is a high-performance, graphite-impregnated polyurethane bushing designed for street-, strip-, and track-driven cars. Polygraphite bushings feature near-zero deflection, the superior handling characteristics of polyurethane, and the quiet, lubricating properties of graphite.

PST has been a leader in muscle-car suspension for more than 25 years and warranties all products against defects in material and workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle. Shipping and handling is always free in the Continental U.S.

Quote From Company
"PST is a one-stop solution for all of your suspension needs. We have thousands of satisfied Corvette owners from each generation who swear by our proven Polygraphite system. Give us a call and get your new, improved Corvette back on the road today!"

(800) 722-2269

Vemp_0911_05_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Varishock 7/14

Brief Description
VariShock offers the ultimate direct-replacement shock absorber for street or strip Corvettes. These shocks are manufactured with quality, American-made components and offered in single- and double-adjustable versions.

Trademark Features
VariShocks offer a greater range of adjustability (16 different settings), up to 350 percent more bushing material in our poly bushings, and specially designed spring perches and adjustment knobs for better repeatability.

Quote from Company
"VariShocks are built in different styles of valving. QuickSet 1 uses a single knob that adjusts bump and rebound simultaneously, while QuickSet 2 uses a dual knob that adjusts these settings independently. These shocks are machined out of billet aluminum, and made with 'Deflective Disk Valving' to eliminate spring fatigue. External adjustment knobs make adjustments fast and repeatable."

QA1 Precision Products, Inc.
(800) 721-7761

Vemp_0911_07_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Qa1_precision_products 8/14

Brief Description
QA1 offers a wide range of high-performance suspension components for both stock and custom Corvette applications. QA1's Stocker Star single- and double-adjustable shock absorbers bolt directly into the stock location on '63-'08 models. The QA1 Pro Coil system, including shocks and springs, improves ride control and offers height adjustability for '63-'82 Corvettes. For customized chassis or rearends, QA1 offers Proma Star single- and double-adjustable shocks. These shocks are available in multiple lengths and mounting configurations to fit custom needs.

QA1's Pro-Street and Pro-Drag systems utilize Proma Star shocks with specialized springs to update the rear of the car to a completely adjustable coilover setup. In addition, QA1 offers a huge selection of springs in multiple lengths and rates. For the hard-core builder, QA1 also has the largest selection of rod ends, spherical bearings, and linkages.

Vemp_0911_11_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Z06_vette 9/14

Trademark Features
Every aluminum QA1 shock is 100 percent hand built, dyno tested, and serialized at QA1's Minnesota facility. QA1 single-adjustable shocks control both the compression and rebound simultaneously, allowing total suspension control in one easy-to-reach location without removing the shock from the car. QA1 double-adjustable shocks offer truly independent compression and rebound control. With two knobs-one each for compression and rebound-they provide 576 valving combinations for total suspension control. For drag-oriented cars, QA1 developed the "R" series, which has a firm compression and a wide range of rebound for the ultimate in weight transfer.

Quote from Company
"QA1 prides itself on constant innovation via new-product development, and we consistently work to expand our selection of high-performance suspension components to Corvette enthusiasts. We offer the highest-quality parts at a very affordable price."

Speed Direct
(888) 425-2776

Vemp_0911_08_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Speeddirect 10/14

Brief Description
SpeedDirect offers complete suspension packages for '63-'82 Corvettes, including front and rear coilover-spring conversions, aluminum control arms, upgraded sway bars, and rack-and-pinion steering. Shark Bite coilover kits replace the monoleaf springs with truly independent front and rear coilovers. These kits boast adjustable shock valving and offer the ability to tune ride height with the turn of a wrench. We also have a variety of spring rates to choose from, allowing you maximum tuning ability.

Our aluminum control arms offer lighter weight, an improved roll center, and greater camber gain, for a better-handling car with more cornering ability. Larger sway bars help the car stay under control by limiting the amount of body roll. Add all these together (plus steering and brake options), and your old classic will finally handle like a new Corvette!

Trademark Features
Our Shark Bite rear coilover suspension for '63-'79 Corvettes is of particular interest, as it uses a race-inspired rocker-arm setup along with the coilovers. This setup completely replaces the bouncy transverse leaf spring with lifelong-rebuildable aluminum shocks. These kits are lighter than the stock suspension and keep all the loads focused where they were intended to be from the factory. One other highlight is that all of SpeedDirect's kits bolt directly into place using the existing mounting locations-no drilling, cutting, or modifying required.

Quote from Company
"SpeedDirect manufactures Corvette steering and suspension components designed to bring modern precision, control, and handling to your classic Corvette."

Tokico Performance Shocks
(310) 212-0200

Vemp_0911_10_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Tokico_performance_shocks 11/14

Brief Description
Tokico Blues are the choice for performance enthusiasts looking for the best in overall handling and ride quality. The HP-series damping typifies Tokico's philosophy of minimizing low-speed damping force while greatly increasing damping at high piston speeds for improved compliance, tire adhesion, and handling. Tokico has been developing and manufacturing parts to OE quality standards for more than 65 years.

Trademark Features
The heart of Tokico's shock absorber is our unique piston design. The multi-stage, variable-aperture sandwich-valve system, with its precision plates and precise orifice control, allows a flexibility of damping control not found in other shocks. Our oil is specially compounded for resistance to breakdown and minimal viscosity change. Our piston-rod guide has a Teflon-coated bushing, which provides minimal dynamic friction and extends piston-rod life. All of our shocks are designed with a chrome-plated and micro-polished piston rod for long seal life and smooth operation. Tokico offers a limited lifetime warranty on our products, so you can drive your Vette with confidence.

Quote From Company
"Here's a typical response we get from our customers: 'Your shocks are great! I took my car out yesterday for the first time since they were installed, and it corners like it's on rails . . .'"

Vette Brakes & Products
(800) 237-9991

Vemp_0911_09_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Vette_brakes_and_products 12/14

Brief Description
Our Performance Plus Package for '63-'82 Corvettes has separate adjustments for spring rate and ride height. Other packages, such as the Grand Touring Plus and the Advanced Street and Autocross, let the customer choose spring rates and other components to suit their needs.

Trademark Features
We manufacture our own fiberglass springs in several different arches and rates to fit a wide variety of applications and driving styles. We also manufacture adjustable strut rods in several styles to help an alignment shop set up the car properly. All of our polyurethane bushings are graphite impregnated for self lubrication and no squeaks. We do all of our own top-quality powdercoating in four basic colors. We also offer a cryogenic treatment process that improves the hardness of suspension components on a molecular level. We'll be happy to customize a package that best suits a customer's needs

Quote From Company
"Vette Brakes & Products has been offering high-quality suspension components for more than 30 years."

Pfadt Race Engineering
(888) 972-2464

Vemp_0911_12_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Pfadt_race_engineering 13/14

Brief Description
Pfadt Race Engineering is an engineering-based producer of suspension components for '97 and newer Corvettes. All Pfadt products are built specifically for the Corvette, ensuring a perfect fit and ultimate functionality.

Trademark Features
Adjustability, functionality, quality, and a comfortable ride are what Pfadt customers love. Our products are designed from a blank sheet of paper, applying engineering and racetrack testing to create elite suspension products.

Quote From Company
"On any given weekend, Pfadt Race Team members are putting our suspension through its paces, winning races with the help of our line of Pfadt suspension products. Put our engineering to work and upgrade the handling of your Corvette to the supercar that it is!"

Volunteer Vette Products
(865) 521-9100

Vemp_0911_13_z Corvette_suspension_kits_and_components Volunteer_vette_products 14/14

Brief Description
Volunteer Vette Products offers premium-quality front- and rear-suspension components for '63-'04 Corvettes. Our suspension kits are available in levels ranging from basic to deluxe and are among the most complete in the industry.

Trademark Features
We utilize premium-quality, American-made, heavy-duty idler arms, upper and lower ball joints, and inner and outer tie-rod ends. All kits are available with the customer's choice of either rubber or polyurethane bushings for the strut rods, differential front mount, leaf-spring end mount, and trailing arms.

Quote From Company
"Volunteer Vette Products has been producing and selling quality Corvette parts from our warehouse and manufacturing facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, for more than 24 years."



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