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ClubSport Exhaust System for the C6 Z06, ZR1

Oct 1, 2009
Vemp_0910_01_z Clubsport_exhaust_system_for_the_c6_z06_zr1 Shine_products 2/7

Top-Secret Shine
OER now offers a complete line of car-care products for both auto-detailing professionals and classic-car enthusiasts. The company's exclusive "Secret Formula" car-care products are available in consumer-friendly 16-oz. bottles, and are said to achieve amazing results on all sorts of automotive finishes. According to the company, "If you are tired of paying for expensive bottles with colorful labels and achieving mediocre results, then do your Corvette's delicate finish a favor and order our complete car-care system today. [There are] no fancy bottles or labels to pay for-our product speaks for itself." For more information, visit

Vemp_0910_02_z Clubsport_exhaust_system_for_the_c6_z06_zr1 Grand_sport_2_print 3/7

Wheels For Your Wall
Michael Irvine Studios has released its latest auto-themed art print. Titled "It's A Grand Sport," the print celebrates Corvette Grand Sport No. 2 and the early days of Corvette Racing. Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist, embossed with his studio seal, and offered with a certificate of authenticity. Several editions are offered, from limited-edition gicle to gallery-edition canvas. Check out for more information.

Vemp_0910_03_z Clubsport_exhaust_system_for_the_c6_z06_zr1 Tire 4/7

Retro Rollers
Mid America Motorworks has released two new wheel and wheel/tire packages for C3 Corvettes. The first is the Kelsey-Hayes YJ8 wheel, originally manufactured from 1976-1982. It's been meticulously recreated for Mid America using the latest CNC machinery. The second is a classy reproduction of the Corvette Rally wheel. Both wheel styles can be bought separately or matched with a set of BF Goodrich Radial T/A all-season tires-mounted, balanced, and ready to bolt on. According to Mid America, these "cost-effective Corvette wheel and tire packages will save all C3 Corvette owners a lot of time, money, and aggravation. In addition to the savings, your C3 will have the best-looking wheels at any automotive event." For more information, visit

Vemp_0910_04_z Clubsport_exhaust_system_for_the_c6_z06_zr1 Katech_exhaust 5/7

Sound Diet
Katech Performance has unveiled its ClubSport exhaust system for the C6 Z06, ZR1, and base model with NPP exhaust. When combined with a crossover-style pipe, it's said to shave 30 pounds while adding a deep, aggressive tone. Using the factory baffle system to turn off one side of the exhaust during low-rpm cruising, the ClubSport exhaust cancels out the sound waves that cause drone. The result is a deep, race-car-like sound at high rpm, along with a pleasing tone at moderate levels. The kit includes two over-axle pipes, two ClubSport mufflers with Corsa quad tips, and an installation kit with a hose and clamps. Go to for all the details.

Vemp_0910_05_z Clubsport_exhaust_system_for_the_c6_z06_zr1 Clutch_housing 6/7

Get A Grip
Boninfante Enterprises has developed a drag racing/street performance clutch for engines making up to 1,500 horsepower. It comes in a 10-inch diameter, fits into a stock bellhousing, and is available in one- or two-disc configurations. According to the manufacturer, the clutch is legal for all sanctioning bodies and all forms of drag racing. It's designed for the grassroots racer who needs a unit capable of performing under a wide range of conditions. Visit for more info.

Vemp_0910_06_z Clubsport_exhaust_system_for_the_c6_z06_zr1 Oiling_system 7/7

Bump Your Sump
Aviaid, the company responsible for the lubrication system in the GT3 championship-winning Callaway Corvettes, has developed a three-part retrofit dry-sump oiling system for the C6 Z06. The first component is a specially baffled insert that drops into the tank and prevents the oil from sloshing around and getting into the intake manifold. The system's second component is a unique cage insert for the oil pan that keeps lubricant near the pick-up. It's joined by a louvered windage tray that prevents power-robbing windage. Finally, Aviaid offers a single-section dry-sump pump that mounts to the cylinder head and augments the OEM pump, vastly improving scavenging and evacuation (oil-pan modifications required). For more information, point your browser to



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