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Brighten Up My Way
Jack Tipton
Palm Harbor, FL
2001 Chevrolet Corvette C5 Coupe

My Torch Red '01 C5 coupe is a low-mileage six-speed car, which I've owned for the past three years. I installed a Mid America Motorworks Quadrapower exhaust system, cross-pipe exhaust system, and dual-flow cold-air induction with K&N filters. I also added a set of C6 Z06 chrome wheels. Other mods include a complete set of screens for the fog lights, front brake ducts, and side vents; along with some chrome engine-bay goodies.

This is my fourth Corvette. My first was a '66 427/425 roadster, followed by a '77, an '85, and now this. All have been real pleasures to own and drive, but the '01 C5 is my favorite. I enjoy driving it when I can and going to the many cars shows here in the Sunshine State.


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