2004 Chevrolet Corvette C5 - Weapons Grade

Going Ballistic In A Locked-And-Loaded C5

Steve Temple Aug 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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As noted in a previous feature on an A&A-built car, Green also employs some tricks to manage airflow. These proprietary mods have the effect of lowering underhood temperatures while also cooling the intake charge to the engine. Speaking of that, the mill runs an LS6 intake with AFR 225 heads, along with the Lingenfelter GT2-3 cam. "Yes, it's a 'baby cam,' as others would say," Mark admits. "But it sure doesn't act like a baby."

Power flows through an FLT Level 5 transmission, which is secured with a Pfadt C5 trans brace. The final stop in the driveline is a Getrag differential stuffed with 3.42 gears. While the overall presentation is all business, Green did install an LG Motorsports hose kit to accent the engine bay.

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For rolling stock, the CCW C140s were powdercoated black and wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sports, 275/35/18 fronts and 335/30/18 rears. The rear was tubbed to accommodate the fatter meats. Suspension is managed by a set of Pfadt coilovers, and stopping power comes via a Wilwood big-brake kit. RPM Motors helped out with corner-weighting and final tuning. But even with all these upgrades, Mark still didn't feel he was on target.

"I ran the car with the ProCharger D-1 for a while, but in the quest for more power, I changed the head unit to a Vortech JT-Trim." In addition, the headers were swapped for 1 7/8-inch American Racing units and the Stingers for GHL Bullets. Bottom line is, rather than a silencer, this piece now has a mean-streets muzzle.

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Now Mark felt like he was hitting the bull's-eye. "When I first got the car, it was something else," he says. "I had to get used to the ungodly amount of power it was putting out. You can definitely hear the distinct whine from under the hood. It's this sound that makes people either give you the thumbs-up, or that look of, 'What the hell is that?' The best reaction is when you get caught at a stoplight and you start seeing other cars rolling their windows up-that always makes me laugh."

During Mark's quest for more power, Green suggested cutting back on the weapons load. Mark protested, pointing out that he wasn't nearly as power-crazed as some of the shop's other customers. "You lost it a long time ago, my friend," was Green's retort.

Mark's wife Nida doesn't think so, though. In line with the couple's emphasis on the extreme, she's a Rob Zombie fan, which explains her choice of lettering for the vanity plate: DVL REJK (for the Zombie film The Devil's Rejects). "I'm thankful to a wonderful wife who shares the passion of Corvettes and the speed it provides," Mark says. That, and her good aim, too.


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