1985 Chevy Corvette C4 - The 'Glass Menagerie

Family Tradition

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Dave Brecher
La Porte City, IA
1985 Chevy Corvette C4
I bought my '85 coupe five years ago when I hit the big 4-0. It's been very gratifying restoring it from poor to excellent condition. As a kid, I remember my grandpa and dad being die-hard, nothing-but-Chevrolet guys. They had Chevy farm trucks from every generation starting in the '40s, a '55 Bel Air, and Impalas from the '60s. I even had a '72 Chevelle that I drove in high school. When I was about 10, my dad's cousin gave me the ride of my life in his new C3 coupe. I'd never been in a car without a rear seat, and I was amazed at how the hood opened. I knew that someday I'd be a Corvette owner.




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