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Team Strange Rains Hellfire On The New Season Of Bull Run

Christopher R. Phillip May 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Vette Magazine: What motivated you to enter your '01 Corvette in Bullrun?
Elvis Strange: As a production designer in the entertainment industry over the past 10 years, I've grown comfortable being behind cameras. After working around a couple of reality shows, the last thing I envisioned for myself was doing one. I was originally approached two years ago to compete in the first season of Bullrun, but my teammate and I didn't make the final cut. I was still excited and willing to take on this adventure when I was contacted for the second season. I think this is because Bullrun is unlike many other reality shows. On this show, you bring your own weapon to battle, and it's your abilities to wield that weapon that are paramount for success. Bottom line, I love my Corvette. I love to drive it hard and push the limits everyday, so I felt this was an exciting opportunity to showcase my car and my driving ability.

Steve Mccabe: It seemed like it would be a great laugh. I knew Elvis and I would have some fun terrorizing other contestants and the highways of America.

VM: Had you studied Season One of Bullrun prior to competition?
ES: Yes. I enjoyed watching every episode of Season One, although I was disappointed that my team, TeamStrange, was cut from the season at the final casting stage. However, this worked out for the best, since I had to undergo wrist surgery while Season One was filming. Additionally, it's looking like Season Two will be even more exciting. If you don't get SPEED, call your cable provider now; you don't want to miss an episode!

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SM: I watched it after Elvis asked me to join TeamStrange. I expected Bullrun to try and outdo itself by attempting to kill us, or at least scare the lug nuts out of us.

VM: Did you know what dangers your Corvette would be up against?
ES: I had a decent idea of what to expect after watching the first season, but I didn't know what changes the producers had in store. This is a reality show, after all. Even still, actually performing on this show and in the competitions, the excitement level I experienced far surpassed any expectations. Half the time, I felt like a rodeo clown dodging the blades in a food processor. What surprised me was the level of game play, alliances, strategizing, and stress that was prevalent.

VM: Did the producers warn you what could happen to your car during the contest?
ES: It's funny-after watching the first season and seeing what happened to some of the vehicles, I remember being thankful I wasn't on the show. Can you believe they actually did that with their own cars? That didn't deter me. When Steve and I met the producers face to face, the first thing they asked is if I was aware and OK with the fact that my Corvette may get damaged.

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Now I have a very [carefree] approach to life, I'm an adrenaline junkie and thrill-seeker, so of course I blurted out, "Not a problem, I'm all about whipping it hard." In this, I may differ from your average Corvette owner whose car is a weekend car. I risk my car everyday. I figure if I'm going to be driving daily, it better be in the car I love. Don't get me wrong-I don't have a death wish or want to wreck my car, but why would I have spent the money on this devastating instrument of speed if I was afraid to take advantage of it and drive it the way it was built to be driven? Others may say, "Drive it like you stole it," but for me it's "Drive it like you own it."

SM: Anything. They could cut it in half, toss it out of a plane, or worse, like putting Ford or Shelby stickers on it. TeamStrange doesn't need no stinkin' Shelby sticker!


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