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Corvette Engineering Honcho Tadge Juechter On The Outrageous New ZR1

Christopher R. Phillip Feb 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Who is Tadge Juechter?
Tadge Juechter was appointed vehicle chief engineer of the Chevrolet Corvette and Cadillac XLR in July 2006. He currently spends his time working to continuously improve the current models, as well as planning the features and technologies under consideration for future models. With such responsibility, Juechter works closely with Tom Wallace, vehicle line executive and global chief engineer of GM's Performance Cars.

Juechter began his career with General Motors in 1977. Prior to his work on Corvette, he held a number of engineering positions in manufacturing, product design, research and development, and vehicle development.

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In April 1993, Juechter was named total vehicle systems engineer for the fifth-generation (C5) Corvette program, where he became involved in all aspects of the cre-ation of the new-for-'97 model. He was also instrumental in bringing the C5 Z06 to fruition. In 1999, he was promoted to assistant chief engineer, and he held that position throughout the development and launch stages of the sixth-generation (C6) Corvette.

Juechter received a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from the University of Rochester in 1979, and he earned an MBA from Stanford University in 1986. During his off-hours, he enjoys running, biking, skiing, and touring the USA in Corvettes.




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