C6 Corvette Supercar - Specter Werkes/Sports Corvette GTR

Starting-Grid Styling And Superior Performance Highlight This Next-Generation Supercar

Barry Kluczyk Feb 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Details, Details
Along with the hardware, the GTR also carries a level of detail not often seen in "tuner" cars. The paint, for example, is a factory color. It's a silver-metallic hue from BASF that previously has been used on a few cars in Europe. Our photos simply don't do justice to this deep, liquid-looking finish. It looks almost wet to the touch, and the metallic accents are so fine, they make most production metallic jobs look like the chunky-flaked stuff found on bass boats.

Inside are more fine details, including Spinneybeck leather inserts in the seats and wrapped around the shifter, parking brake, and center-console lid. They add a decidedly upscale aura to the cabin, something the customer base for this car will undoubtedly appreciate.

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So, how much should that customer base expect to spend for the privilege? Specter says the basic GTR package, including the full body treatment, suspension/brakes, and interior details, starts at $34,995 (in addition to the cost of whatever Corvette model you choose). The engine upgrades and special paint treatment are extra-cost options.

For the money, you're guaranteed exclusivity and all the performance you want (or can afford). Each GTR is numbered, and a serial plaque is mounted on the interior center stack. Purifoy Chevrolet and Cauley Chevrolet in West Bloomfield, Michigan, traditionally have been the primary outlets for GTRs, but Specter can arrange construction with almost any dealer or individual who shows up with a new Corvette-and a sufficient checkbook balance.

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For more information about the Specter Werkes/Sports GTR, call (248) 583-9559, or visit www.spectergtr.com.

Coming Out Party
It was one of those evenings that could only happen in Detroit: A tuner Corvette debuts inside a Ferrari dealership and attracts a who's-who list of local enthusiasts, racers, and Corvette dignitaries. That was the scene last summer when more than 200 patrons gathered to watch as Specter Werkes/Sports unveiled the C6 GTR.

The event was held at Cauley Ferrari, adjacent to Cauley Chevrolet, one of the country's biggest Corvette stores and a primary outlet for the GTR. Among the attendees were Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles and Vehicle Line Executive Tom Wallace, both of whom showed up driving preproduction ZR1s. There were other interesting cars in the parking lot, too, including plenty of Corvettes, a rare '74 Super Duty Trans Am, a supercharged '32 Ford coupe, and a handful of Ferraris.

Paris and Milan may have their houses of couture, but Detroit has its houses of horsepower. The GTR's unveiling was the red-carpet treatment in Motown.


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