2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 - Dual In The Sun

Twin Turbos And 700 RWHP Make This Z06 Deadly Quick On The Draw

Steve Temple Feb 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Originally, Turbo Technologies' goal was to produce in the neighborhood of 600 streetable horses, but customer demand for even more power impelled Hoelfer to come up with some other options. Given the dramatic increase in airflow from the parallel-series pinwheels, the company correspondingly dialed in about twice the amount of fuel with a set of 60-lb/hr injectors (the factory units are rated at about 28 pounds). A larger fuel pump is mounted in the tank as well.

To beef up the block to handle higher cylinder pressures, ERL sleeved it with thicker dry cylinder walls, and Urban dropped the compression to 8.5:1 with Diamond dished pistons and Howard rods spinning a Callies Magnum XL crank. A 224/224 cam bumps Jesel J2K rockers in the lighter Mohawk configuration, and these in turn are fitted into LSW All Pro Heads. ARP main studs and head studs clamp the lump together on a Fel-Pro five-layer race-duty head gasket.

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Those are just the hard parts. Next came a full day's worth of data logging to tweak the fuel maps using HP Tuners' VCM Editors Flash system. This utility allows the user to read the VCM/PCM flash memory and save it to a binary file for calibrating and modifying parameters such as spark, fuel, rpm limits, temperature, transmission shift points and pressures, speedometer settings, and so forth. This unit also features automatic recovery capabilities for protection against any reflashing problems that might be encountered.

To monitor the changes effected by the new software, precise instrumentation was added. These items include an HKS EVC 6 Boost Controller along with air/fuel, boost, and fuel-pressure gauges from Nexus. Even with all these precision mods, pulling out this much power on only 91 octane can be a risky business, so methanol injection was added to improve the burn without having to retard the timing too much.

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That turned out to be a really good thing, as demonstrated during one early-Sunday-morning burst of speed on the freeway that went well into triple digits. "It happens really, really fast," Rodriguez says. "It's overwhelming. The speedo needle jumps so easy, it can get you into big trouble." Considering how much power is on tap, it's no surprise that the next step in this project will probably be ZR1 brakes.

Once all was said and done, this performance plot had a happy ending. Commenting on all the folks involved in the project (Hoelfer, Urban, George and Nick at TT, and TJ and Rodney at RPM), Rodriguez was effusive in his praise: "Their care and attention to detail were surpassed only by their results. They worked their magic and, above everything else, put up with my incessant questions, phone calls, and emails. My hat is off to them-they took my dream and molded it to become sheer perfection."

Of course, we tend to be a bit more reserved when it comes to critical acclaim. After all, the car's the star here, right?




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