2005 Chevrolet Corvette - Double Trouble

Turbo Times Two In A Blacked-Out C6

Steve Temple Jan 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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The parallel type on Galing's Vette equally splits turbocharging duties between each bank of cylinders, so each turbo is driven by one-half of the engine's spent exhaust energy. The APS unit also features liquid-cooled ball-bearing turbos that are mounted underneath to minimize heat transfer. Typically, the boost level is six pounds, but Galing's built engine handles more than double that, which required 70-pound injectors and increased fuel delivery as well. APS also supplies software to reflash the factory engine computer to compensate for the radically higher airflow.

Given that he planned to pump up the car's breathing capacity, it only made sense to enlarge its lungs, so Galing decided on a larger block (402 cubes versus the stock 364) for more torque under the power curve. Another big factor in making huge power is using optimal fuel, but even at 91 octane, a modified car is constantly on the ragged edge of reliability.

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"Methanol injection has long been utilized in races, and the benefits are a plus for turbo cars," Galing points out. "I chose the Alky Control kit for its user-friendly system and [because] it's proven on many of the big-horsepower cars." LAPD prefers methanol over water injection because it vaporizes better, providing a cooler intake charge so the engine can run more boost without detonation.

After tweaking with an HP Tuners unit, the results came in: "My last dyno hit was 770 rwhp and 877 rwtq at the rear wheels on 15 psi of boost," Galing says. "That's 905 hp and 1,031 lb-ft at the crank."

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For all those dramatic increases in power, though, Galing preferred a subdued color scheme. Actually, no color at all-just basic black. "I've always liked the all-black sports car-the 'murder'd out' look," he says. "It's very sinister looking and mysterious." Hence, the black wheels, the Darth Vader tint job, and the body-color emblems. Everything is black, in fact, except for one small detail. "I added the red stripe on the wheels just to add contrast with the red Wilwood calipers. The red-stripe wheels are quite popular with the import cars, referred to as a 'time attack' look."

Body mods were similarly subtle. "I did the Z06 wide fenders only, and not the entire Z06 look," he says. "Essentially the car is still a C6 Z51 and not a Z06. If the C6 Z had been available back in 2005, it would've been a no-brainer. I would've gotten it in a heartbeat." But Galing has no regrets. After all, he still got into double trouble with the twins-and that's no fantasy.


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